13 Things To Smoke Weed Out Of

For those new to cannabis, or even those that want to expand their horizons, here is a big ol’ list of things you can smoke weed out of. 

Why not?
Why not? /

There are so many different devices you can use for smoking weed. The right choice(s) all depends on your consumption habits and desired experience. 

Are you a flower-first person? Do you prefer to use concentrates? Do you love both because to you weed is weed, and you’ll take the terps however you can get them? 

The good news is that for each of these types of consumers, there are various devices and cool makeshift ways for getting high.

For those new to cannabis, or even those that want to expand their horizons, here is a big ol’ list of things you can smoke weed out of. 

Smoking devices for flower enthusiasts 

Most consumers prefer flower to smoke joints and blunts, or glass pipes and bongs.

#1) Joints

Joints are rolling papers filled with weed. You can roll your own joints or you can buy them as pre-rolls. The advantage to rolling your own joint is that you know what goes into it. Sometimes pre-rolls are made from trim and shake, which cheapens the strain experience. Full-flower joints start with real nugs, and thus will have a more flavorful taste and smoother smoke.

#2) Blunts

Blunts are tobacco or hemp wraps filled with weed. You can also buy these as pre-rolled blunts. Rolling your own blunts versus buying pre-rolled blunts has the same advantages stated above.

#3) Pipes

Pipes are handheld pieces with a bowl for weed and a carb for airflow. The high quality ones are made from glass or ceramics. You simply load the bowl with, apply fire, and inhale the smoke. There are various smoking devices that fall under the pipe umbrella, like steamrollers, one-hitters, chillums, and of course, bongs.  Just make sure you keep your pipe clean.

#4) Bongs

Bongs are water pipes. They too come in various forms like beaker bongs, round bottom bongs, little bubblers, and more. The advantage to bongs is getting a lot of smoke from a small amount of weed, smooth hits due to the water filtration, and a strong taste in the smoke without also tasting paper, hemp, or tobacco.

In recent years, there has also been a growing interest and following behind a new style of bong; the "heady" bong, or high-quality, artist-blown bong. These hand blown glass bongs serve the same purpose as your run-of-the-mill tobacco shop bong, but bring a new artistic flair and feeling of exclusivity to the market. These bongs are considered works of art, which has created a fascinating community of collectors, dealers, and glass blowers who have a shared love of enjoying cannabis and appreciating the intricacies and beauty of artist-blown glass. 

#5) Flower vaporizers

Flower vaporizers aren’t as popular as the above methods, but they are still a great way to safely consume cannabis. Vaporizing cannabis allows you to consume without the potentially harmful byproducts of inhaling smoke. There are handheld flower vaporizers like the PAX 2, Da Vinci Miqro, or the Rogue; and tabletop flower vaporizers like the Storz and Bickel Volcano and Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer. Like smoking, vaping does have its pros and cons.

#6) One-hitters

One-hitters are small pipes with a steamroller type of feel to them. They take the smallest nugs and allow you to get a pretty strong hit out of them. Great for consuming small amounts on-the-go.

#7) Chillums

Essentially chillums are just big one hitters. Instead of having to relight the flower for each hit, you can get a pretty strong cherry going with chillums. 

#8) Food

This is probably the reason you came here. In addition to the traditional methods of smoking weed, you can get freaky with it too. Many cannabis lovers have made pipes out of things like apples, oranges, bananas, and cucumbers. Basically, any item that you can create a bowl, a carb, and a mouthpiece out of can be used to smoke weed.

#9) Water bottles

I don’t advise smoking out of plastic. But you can definitely craft a makeshift water bong out of water bottles. You just need a bottle, some foil, a toothpick, and a couple holes in the bottle. Big water jugs can also be used to make gravity bongs. Gravity bongs are essential waterfall devices that fill you huge clouds of smoke.

Smoking devices for people concentrates enthusiasts

Some consumers prefer cannabis concentrates to smoking flower. Consuming cannabis compounds through vaporizing devices like dab rigs and handheld vapes is considered safer, since there’s no smoke being inhaled, just vapor. Here is a big ol’ list of items that people use to smoke cannabis concentrates.

#10) Dab Rigs

Dab rigs are usually large tabletop devices with quartz bangers that you use to vaporize globs of hash oil (dabs). There are standard dab rigs made from glass, ceramics, etc.; there are also electronic dab rigs. Standard dab rigs require a torch to heat the bangers versus electronic dab rigs heat dabs through an internal battery. Like any other smoking or vaping device, you’ll want to keep your dab rig clean, and you’ll want to avoid a chazzed banger.

#11) Handheld Oil Vaporizers

There are various types of handheld oil vapes. Some let you load your own dabs into small handheld devices, others combine a standard 510-thread cartridge with a 510-thread battery. You’ve also got closed loop systems that require you to have the same brand of battery and vape cartridge/pod.

#12) 510-Threated Oil Cartridges

510 oil cartridges are the most common form of handheld oil vaporizers. The cartridges can work with any type of 510 battery. The battery options for 510 carts are endless. You can get any standard one for like 20 bucks at any dispensary that heats your oil at one standard temperature. You can also opt for more sophisticated 510-thread batteries that allow 3-5 different heating temperatures.

#13) Closed Loop Systems

Closed loop systems are vape batteries that only work with cartridges/pods from the same company. An example is the Pax Era Life battery and the Pax Era pods. Another example is the Airgraft 2 that only works with Airgraft pods. 

How to choose which smoking device is right for you

Choosing the right smoking device is all about when, where, and how you want to smoke weed. 

For flower consumers that want to smoke a lot of weed at once, twisting up a blunt or joint is the way to go. It will have you absolutely zonked by the end. Joints and blunts are also a great option for a group session. Breaking down and rolling up your own weed is also a sacred ritual for some people. For oil consumers that want the same experience, dab rigs are your best friend.

For consumers who want to smoke a little bit of weed at once, pipes and bongs are great options. For consumers who want a discreet option, handheld vaporizers of any time are excellent. 

For consumers on a budget, one-hitters and chillums are the world’s best kept secret. They are the definition of doing the most for the least. For whatever reason, you can take a couple little weed crumbs and load them into a on-ey, take a couple tokes, and be instantly high as hell. It’s short lived, but for those 30 minutes of euphoria, you’ll feel so satisfied.

The options for smoking weed are endless. Choose whatever’s best for you.

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