Smoking 101: How To Use a Bong (Properly)

Yeah, bongs are great, especially if you know what you're doing.
Yeah, bongs are great, especially if you know what you're doing.

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Bongs, or water pipes as they are more commonly known in the tobacco industry, are a way to get dry herbs into your system by using a comparatively little amount of herbs while still getting a big hit. They come in many different shapes and sizes, but all share the same basic way to achieve a hit. There are several steps to using a bong effectively, so let's get to them.

Step 1: Water
Filling the bong with water is the first step. It is easy to overfill the bong with water so that you don't get a good hit, so it's good for one to make sure that one doesn't overfill it. It's a good idea to fill it just above the downstem. If it's filled too high, water could end up in the mouth. This is not preferable.

Step 2: Herbs
Make sure to put your herbs into the bottom bowl piece without packing it too tightly. If you pack it too tightly, it could clog the bowl and make it impossible to get a hit, according to Lift & Co.'s how-to video.

Step 3: Light It Up
Here comes the best part, lighting up. You take your hand-held flame device (otherwise known as a lighter or a match) and you set the herbs in the bowl on fire. While you do this, you breathe in the smoke that gathers in the pipe. You'll get a lot of smoke, so be prepared to cough. You also don't absolutely have to inhale all the smoke that has gathered.

A trick in order to make some of the smoke not come as quickly is to put ice in the pipe. This will slow down the amount of smoke that you get through the mouthpiece, but also might lessen your hit.

If one bowl of the herb wasn't enough for you, then feel free to clean out the bowl, and pack again, repeating the steps until you've smoked your fill.

As a final tip, don't drink the water that's at the bottom of the bong at the end of your smoking experience. It may have some of the collected THC in it, but it has a vile taste that is best not discovered.

Bongs are a popular choice for the smoking connoisseur because they can fit any budget. You can get really simple bongs for cheap, or splurge on one of the more costly varieties that are made of hand-blown glass and others. It's also definitely important to keep your water pipe clean so that you can have an optimum smoking experience every time.