Debunking 4 Common CBD Myths

So will CBD get you high or not? We've got the truth.
So will CBD get you high or not? We've got the truth. /

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Many people are hearing about CBD or Cannabidiol. CBD has become a topic in mainstream media, so this caused people to become more interested in it. Although more people are talking about, they do not necessarily have the correct information about it. So, it is important for people to educate themselves about the myths and the facts related to CBD use.

Here are a few common CBD myths:

Will CBD get me high?
Some people may think CBD is a drug that will cause them to get high. This is untrue. CBD is not a psychoactive drug and does not have any mind-altering effects. It actually helps many people to feel more energized and creative. Others think it will cause them to feel sedated and cause them to want to sleep all day long. This is not a fact. Many people report feeling clear-headed and it is perfectly fine to use for daytime use. THC is the drug in marijuana that actually causes a high feeling, not CBD.

Is CBD a gateway drug?
Another myth about CBD is it is a gateway drug and it is extremely addictive. Many people think this because of CBD's association with marijuana – another common myth. Due to this, many people are very leery of trying CBD because it is extracted from the marijuana plant. Many scientific studies stress the fact that CBD is not addictive and have found many holes in the idea that CBD is a gateway drug. The World Health Organization has stated CBD is fine for consumption.

Is CBD new?
A large number of people are under the impression that the health benefits of CBD are just now being found out. The truth is our ancestors having used CBD since ancient times. The uses of CBD ranged from religious activities to be used for medicinal purposes. Many people are using CBD to help with anxiety, depression, cancer treatment, epilepsy, and more ailments. 

Is all CBD created equal? 
Some people think that all CBD products are the same. They are definitely not all the same and there are things people should look for before using any CBD products. It is recommended to purchase CBD from vendors who have some form of third-party testing. It is good to know how the CBD is actually distracted. If it is solvent-based, it is best to find out what kind of solvent is used.