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Dabbing 101: What is a Chazzed Banger, and How Do You Avoid It?

Rule number one to dabbing: keep those bangers clean.
Rule number one to dabbing: keep those bangers clean. / Photo by Cannabox on Unsplash

Clean your quartz after every dab. Nah, seriously, because if you’re out there taking dabs from filthy, oil-burnt bangers, it’s embarrassing us as a cannabis community. Bangers just straight up chazzed are ruining your entire consumption experience. Treat yourself better than that.

Here are some tips on how to clean and avoid a chazzed banger.

What is a chazzed banger?

A banger is the glass piece on a dab rig that you put oil into. Typically they’re made out of quartz, as quartz can handle extreme temperatures. Once heated, the oil vaporizes, then funnels through the rig and into the mouthpiece. From there, you inhale the dab vapor and voila, you get high. The banger is also called a dab nail. 

NOTE: If you're new to dabbing be sure to check out The Bluntness Guide to Live Resin and How to Smoke Dabs.

A chazzed banger is a dirty dab nail. More specifically, it’s a burnt dab nail. It happens from overheating your banger when torching it up for a dab. It also happens from not properly cleaning your dab nail after each use, so there’s leftover residue the next time you heat it up. Over time, all of the goop adds up into a dark brown/black-colored banger that will remind you of using truck stop restrooms.

Why is a chazzed banger bad?

Dude, dab oil is expensive. That's why a chazzed banger is bad. You waste money if you aren’t getting the experience that you’re supposed to. When Oil Company XYZ sent that dab puck to whatever dispensary, they didn’t intend for you to take their fresh solventless hash and stack it on top of some burnt goo that’s been hardening for weeks.

Using a chazzed banger to dab distorts the flavor of your oil, and the expected effects of the dab. It will make the vapor extremely harsh, and chances are, you will cough for the next ten minutes.

How do you clean a chazzed banger?

Cleaning your chazzed banger is really easy (unless you’ve gotten it so badly charred that you need to replace the whole thing).

What you need to clean a chazzed banger:

  • Dirty dab nail
  • Torch
  • Cleaning solution
  • Cotton swabs

Step 1: Torch the banger to loosen up the hardened oil

Applying the torch to your chazzed banger will heat up the old oil stuck to it, turning it back into a liquid from a solid. It’s much easier to wipe up a liquid than a solid. That’s just a scientific fact.

Step 2: Wet a cotton swab with isopropyl alcohol/acetone

Dabs are oils, so they don’t mix with water and soap, which means you need a substance that breaks down the oil’s compounds to clean it. That’s why alcohol is the main ingredient in all the cannabis cleaning solutions on the market. Dip a cotton swab into some alcohol or acetone to activate its nail cleaning powers.

Step 3: Use the cotton swab to collect the oil

This one’s pretty self-explanatory. Use the alcohol-swab to wipe around your banger and clean up all of the oil that came off your chazzed banger. 

Note: Make sure your banger is dry before your next use. You don’t want to be dabbing alcohol.

Step 4: Stop letting your banger get dirty like that

Once your banger is finally clean, make a pact with yourself that you won’t ever let it get that bad again.

For a full tutorial, check out this helpful guide on how to clean your dab rig and its accessories.

How to avoid a chazzed banger

It's very easy to avoid a chazzed banger. For one, clean your dab nail after every dab. Don’t be lazy, just clean it.

Ways to avoid a chazzed banger:

  • Don’t be disgusting?
  • Clean you banger after every use
  • Cold start dabbing

Clean your nail after dabbing

To clean your dab nail, all you need is a cotton swab. Swash it around the nail until the residual oil is gone. Also, every so often, go ahead and run your banger through a cleaning solution. It can be as simple as salt and isopropyl alcohol; or you can use a commercial mixture like Formula 710 or Grand Master Smoke Cleaning Solution.

Cold start dabbing

Most people who dab heat their bangers, allow it to cool down, and then insert their oil so they can dab at the right temperature. Cold start dabbing reverses that process, but with the same intentions for dabbing at the right temperature. 

When people cold start dab, they insert their oil into the banger, and THEN torch the banger to heat up those cannabinoids and terpenes. It keeps the oil from getting too hot, and also, it will keep you from chazzing your banger. 

Hot start dabbing vs. cold start dabbing is all about personal preference. If you prefer the traditional way, just make sure to clean the nail after every use, and you’ll be completely fine.

If you love concentrates, you might also consider something like the Puffco Peak Pro, which is easier to use and easier to clean.

Now repeat after me: “I’ll keep my dab rig clean.”

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