The Bluntness’s Most Popular Articles in 2022

What was your favorite article from The Bluntness in 2022?
What was your favorite article from The Bluntness in 2022? /

Publishing is a crazy fun business, with plenty of ups and downs, challenges and opportunities. In the world of cannabis and psychedelics, the ride is even more intense.

The past year has been quite a ride for The Bluntness, and we appreciate all of our contributors, followers, and readers for joining us on this epic journey.

The Bluntness published over 260 articles in 2022, and as always we love to highlight the top 11 articles from the entire year.

1. A Guide To Your First Magic Mushroom Trip

Are you, a friend, or a loved one preparing for a first-time psilocybin trip? Start here.

With tips on dosing, duration, how to have a good trip, and what to do if you have a bad trip, this helpful guide covers everything one needs to know for that first magic mushroom experience.

2. Magic Recipe: How to Make Mushroom Tea

So, you’re interested in magic mushrooms but don’t like the nasty taste?

They do taste pretty gross!

Why not brew magic mushroom tea with this easy recipe?

3. Can Certo Help You to Beat a Drug Test

A lot of people swear by the fruit pectin product Certo for passing THC drug tests. But does it really work?

If you’ve got a drug test coming up, this Certo article might give you some ideas.

4. Psilocybin 101: How to Store Magic Mushrooms

Okay, you’ve secured your stash of magic mushrooms, but are your storing them correctly.

If you want to avoid ruining your shroom supply, you’d better double check on how to store them properly.

5. The BLUNTNESS/100

This section actually comprises a whole collection of articles, segmenting out the complete BLUNTNESS/100 for 2022.

That is 100 inspiring people and/or companies from across the cannabis industry who are making a positive impact.

Make sure you’re subscribed to The Bluntness, so you don’t miss out on the 2023 list!

6. 11 Signs You’re Greening Out and How to Handle It

How much weed is too much? Many of us have been there before, but for the cannabis newbie, overdoing it can lead to a daunting experience.

Make you sure know all the signs of “greening out” and how to handle it if and when it happens to you or someone you're hanging out with.

7. What Makes Georgia Pie Such a Special Cannabis Strain?

It’s not a surprise that our most popular strain profile of 2022 is focused on a cultivar from Cookies.

People love Georgia Pie, but what makes it so great?

Find out in our strain review!

8. Can You Smoke Shrooms?

Well? Can you?

Spoiler alert, it’s a terrible idea to smoke shrooms.

Find out why in this curious article.

9. Cherry Fritter Strain Profile

If you’ve tried Cherry Fritter, consider yourself lucky.

This is a rare strain but absolutely worthwhile if you can get your hands on it.

Discover the history, effects, taste, grow info, and reviews in our Cherry Fritter strain profile.

10. Sex on Shrooms: How to Prepare Yourself

Fornication while tripping – for some an absolute pleasure, for others a face-melting nightmare.

Have you tried it before?

Either way, there are several nuances to consider before having sex on shrooms.

11. How Long Does One Hit of Weed Stay in Your System?

Lots of people are asking this question. So naturally we published an article about it.

For anyone concerned about passing a drug test, here’s what you need to know about that one hit wonder staying in your system.

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