What Makes Georgia Pie Such a Special Cannabis Strain?

The Georgia Pie strain from Cookies: it's sweet, it's gassy, it's potent, it checks off all the boxes for a consumer.
The Georgia Pie strain from Cookies: it's sweet, it's gassy, it's potent, it checks off all the boxes for a consumer. / Image from Cookies.co

Cookies has some pretty undeniable genetics in their library. Strains that are so unique in flavor and effects that hype immediately builds around them. That sweet little treat named Georgia Pie is a perfect example. 

It’s sweet, it’s gassy, it’s potent, it checks off all of the boxes for a consumer. 

So if you’ve seen it on dispensary menus and are wondering if it’s worth your time, whether from Cookies or any other brand putting out Georgia Pie, the answer is yes. 

Here is what makes Georgia Pie special. 

What is the Georgia Pie cannabis strain?

Georgia Pie is another strain that comes from the folks at Cookies. It is produced in collaboration with Seed Junky Genetics, one of the most in-demand breeders right now. Seed Junky is famous for strains like Wedding Cake, Ice Cream Cake, and Jealousy, which is sure to blow up within the next couple of years.

Georgia Pie is a cross of Gelatti and Kush Mints. It is an indica-dominant hybrid. It is a high THC strain, with its average content being around 21%, according to Leafly strain data; and around 27%, according to Wikileaf strain data.

What does Georgia Pie look like?

The Georgia Pie flower looks incredible. It is flushed with green and purple anthocyanins (the compounds inside plants that give them their colors). The plant is covered in trichomes and orange hairs that let you know whoever grew the plant has been mastering the art for years. 

On the touch, it should be sticky and dense, exactly how you want your nugs. Break them down and the colors mash up together into a pile of orange, purple, and green that will remind you of a fruit bowl from your local buffet. 

What does Georgia Pie smell and taste like?

Georgia Pie is heralded for its peach cobbler-like smell and taste. It’s funny because the concentrate form of Georgia Pie definitely does taste sweet like peaches, and has the consistency of the marmalade inside of peach cobbler, the dessert.

On the nose it’s sweet, floral, and fruity; on the taste it really is sweet and the same. It’s also gassy, which is a pleasant surprise. Dab some Georgia Pie hash and you’ll definitely detect the diesel. 

All of this is a product of Georgia Pie’s terpene profile, which features an abundance of limonene, caryophyllene, and linalool. Limonene is known for its uplifting qualities, caryophyllene is known for its relaxing qualities, linalool is known for its sedative qualities. With these perceived traits, it is easy to see why Georgia Pie delivers such a heavy euphoria to many of the people who consume it.

Knowing a strain’s terpene profile is helpful in knowing how it may affect you. In the future, the information will be present on most cannabis packaging. Therefore, it’s important to get familiar with them now.

Georgia Pie effects and experience

Georgia Pie is expected to provide a super potent high. 

The effects start in the head as an uplifting feeling that relaxes you, and over time, it creeps into your body making you want to just chill for the night. 

With its high potency, for many consumers, Georgia Pie delivers a knockout punch. Thus, many medical consumers that struggle with things like pain and/or insomnia might benefit from the heavily potent effects of Georgia Pie. 

Some people consider Georgia Pie to be a creative high, great for tossing on a new album and getting lost in an art project. On Leafly, the cultivar’s top three reported effects are relaxed, uplifted, and creative. 

Is Georgia Pie a head high or body high?

As with every strain, it’s important to remember that each cannabis product affects people differently. Leafly’s description of Georgia Pie suggests that it could be both a head and body high. Some of Leafly’s reviewers agree. Respect My Region agrees.

According to Leafly reviewer Y........r, Georgia Pie “taste like peaches for sure light cotton mouth but overall I am experiencing a great body high. as well as a potent head high.” Leafly reviewer c........e, Georgia Pie “Smokes good. Hits heavy after about 30 minutes. The high for me was a heavy body relaxation and a heavy head high.”

Respect My Region did a review of Georgia Pie, in which they said this about the experience: 

“A few puffs may lead to a clear head and inspiring thoughts that zone you in on whatever you’re working on to unwind. This might be a great strain to finish off your night and fall asleep with while watching your favorite show or doing some light reading. The body high that might wrap around your body may feel like a cozy blanket.’

The best way to know if Georgia Pie is a head or body high is to try the strain for yourself. Just make sure to approach it slowly if you’re new to cannabis and don’t know your tolerance. Responsible consumption is important in avoiding bad experiences with cannabis.the

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