Cherry Fritter Strain Profile: History, Effects, Taste, Grow Info, and Reviews

You should definitely try Cherry Fritter if you get the chance.
You should definitely try Cherry Fritter if you get the chance. /

So you love Apple Fritter, and now you want to smoke more strains with its genetics. Good. Cause Cherry Fritter exists, and you should definitely give this rare lil’ bud a try if you come across it. There isn’t much information online about it right now, but if you’re curious about Cherry Fritter, the way it looks, grows, smells, tastes, and feels, then you’ve clicked on the right article.

Here’s what we know about Cherry Fritter and all its glory.

What is the Cherry Fritter cannabis strain?

Cherry Fritter is a sativa-dominant hybrid that was created by crossing Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter, and then stabilizing its genetics over a series of generations. No one knows who bred it, but we are damn sure they did. Cherry Fritter THC levels are often 25% and over, making it an absolute powerhouse of potency.

On the eye-test, Cherry Fritter flowers are thick, dense, and carry a heavy flurry of dark-purple and green coloring, buried under a trenchcoat of sticky white trichomes. Cherry Fritter is a beautiful flower.

How to grow Cherry Fritter

There’s not much information out there about how to grow Cherry Fritter. Online resource Cannabis Training University says that Cherry Fritter can be grown indoors or outdoors (ya know, like most weed plants). 

They continue to say that the Cherry Fritter flowering period is between 56 and 63 days, with a mild yield. This information is all from one source though. We’ll need more growers to get Cherry Fritter in their gardens before we can really know the facts about growing it.

How does Cherry Fritter smell and taste

By its name, you’d expect Cherry Fritter to have a bold, distinct cherry-like taste to it. But nah. Instead, Cherry Fritter has a slight cherry sweetness, dominated by somewhat cakey, doughy terpenes. 

That Apple Fritter really takes dominance over Cherry Fritter’s physical attributes. With these expected aromas and flavors, it’s important to remember that a strain’s terpene profile is greatly affected by who grew the strain and how. 

While a lot of Cherry Fritter jars will kick out doughy flavors, there are some that will be overly berry-like on the nose. 

You can expect Cherry Fritter to hold an abundant amount of caryophyllene, terpinolene, and ocimene. Caryophyllene is believed to have stress-relieving qualities; terpinolene is thought to be an uplifting terpene, and ocimene we’re still learning about, though it is thought to have certain medical qualities. With this mix of perceived effects, it’s easy to see why Cherry Fritters make me feel the way it does.

What do Cherry Fritter effects feel like 

By its genetics, you would assume Cherry Fritter to hit your head with a heavy cerebral stimulation. You’re right. The most commonly reported effects for Cherry Fritter are uplifted and relaxing, with a sleepiness coming in on the come down. 

So all in all, consuming Cherry Fritter will probably make your body lazy and your eyes glazy.  

Personally speaking, when I smoked Cherry Fritter, it hit me with a nice daytime smoke. The sleepiness happens with pretty much anything I smoke, so I didn’t think much of that. 

What stood out to me was how helpful the heavy cerebral effects were for my work day. I was able to gulp a couple coffee cups, smoke a joint of Cherry Fritter, and knock out a whole day’s worth of weed writing. 

But that’s with me and my body; Cherry Fritter could make you feel an entirely different world of effects.

Is Cherry Fritter a body high or head high?

As with all cannabis strains, it’s important to remember that the effects we feel are based on our own individual endocannabinoid systems. These are the systems that process cannabis compounds and produce certain physical and/or psychological effects from consuming cannabis. So what may be a body high for you could be a head high for others, and vice versa.

That said, the Cherry Fritter effects are most commonly expected to be a head high. It’s very reflective of the Cherry Pie and Apple Fritter strains, as those are both known to be pretty cerebrally relaxing. 

About Cherry Fritter effects, Joey from Respect My Region says “he experiences both a body high and a heaviness behind the eyes. Once he felt the euphoric high, Jayping was quick to describe the Cherry Fritter as “one of those strains that improve your environment”.

A Cherry Fritter review from The Highest Critic lists its effects as “Average Strength – Expect some euphoria and mild relaxation.”

In the end, like always, the varying reviews about Cherry Fritter show us that the only real way to know how certain cannabis strains will affect your body is through trial and error. Smoke, dab, vape Cherry Fitter, and then document how different amounts of the product make you feel. That will show you if Cherry Fritter is a head high, body high, or both.

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