Can Certo Help You to Beat a Drug Test

Certo aka fruit pectin is intended for marmalade or jam products. But can it help you pass a drug test?
Certo aka fruit pectin is intended for marmalade or jam products. But can it help you pass a drug test? /
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In the quest for a sure-fire way on passing a drug test, you’ve probably come up with a variety of uncanny methods ranging from outrageous to reliable. In the long list of possible options is the Certo detox method, and it's supposed ability to help you pass a THC drug test on short notice. 

Does it work, and is it safe? And, just what is Certo, and why do internet forums promote it as a trusted detox method? Are there other trusted brands worth a try? Let’s take a look. 

What Is Certo?

Certo is a brand name fruit pectin, used for generations by people making jams and jellies. Made from the skins of apples and citrus fruits, pectin is a gelling agent that helps to thicken foods. It can be used for jam and jellies and is a popular replacement for gelatin in vegan gummies. 

Like Kleenex is to tissues, Certo has become a ubiquitous name for pectin. In addition to fruit pectin, Certo also contains water, lactic acid, citric acid, potassium citrate, and sodium benzoate. The desired intention is strictly for use as a binder ingredient in many types of cooking and baking.

Can Certo Help You Detox?

Pectin is a highly soluble fiber, and like all fiber, it helps the body eliminate waste. Certo works to ramp up this function in a unique way. As a cooking ingredient, Certo binds to water to create a gel. When consumed, Certo binds with water inside the stomach and intestines, and grabs hold of excess waste inside the body. How exactly does this relate to detoxing from THC

Typically, drug metabolites leave the body via urine, and since that is the most standard method for drug testing, the goal of a Certo detox is to beat a urinalysis. After the body processes and uses any THC, the remaining metabolites are stored in the body’s fat cells. As the body burns fat, the metabolites are released into the bloodstream until they are excreted via urine. Certo places a bit of a hold on this process.

While the high fiber content in Certo helps “bulk” up stools and speed up elimination, the high carbohydrate content provides an insulin boost. This insulin spike causes the body to store its excess calories instead of expending them. For a brief time, any fat-soluble toxins (like THC) are stopped from being released. While the body is on pause for fat burning, the Certo method takes action on the solubility of the metabolites that usually become water-soluble when they mix with the liver’s bile. When the Certo binds with bile, water solubility decreases, and instead, the Certo soaks up just about any liquid it can inside the intestines. 

From here, toxins are quickly removed from the body via feces, and the theory goes that once the system is cleansed, no metabolites will remain in urine. However, as mentioned, there is a short window for this temporary pause on fat cells metabolizing. 

So, how long does Certo block THC? Most online forums state a three-hour window is a maximum time in which you have to take a drug test after following the Certo method. Here’s how to do it:

  1. The evening before a urinalysis, drink one packet of Certo mixed with 32 ounces of Gatorade or some kind of similar sports drink. Shake well and gulp the entire amount down. 
  2. On the day of the drug test, drink at least 32 ounces of water (or more!) three to four hours before the drug test.
  3. As you near the testing time (within 1-2 hours), mix a packet of Certo with 32 ounces of Gatorade and add five grams of creatine. Take with a multivitamin and one tablet of vitamin B2, followed by another glass of plain water.

Additionally, stay as hydrated as possible before beginning this entire protocol. The more hydrated you are, the better. Sometimes, too much fiber and not enough water can lead to constipation, which defeats the purpose of the Certo detox.

Can Certo Help You Pass a Drug Test?

Even though there is some anecdotal evidence that the Certo detox has worked to pass a drug test, it’s pretty unreliable. A slight deviation to the above steps could lead to a failed test, and even adhering to the guidelines will lead to a positive test result for some people. Ultimately, if you need to pass a drug test, avoid Certo.

Looking for a Reliable Method?

If you need to pass a drug test within a tight timeframe, there are some tried and true detox kits and detox drinks that are proven to work. We always recommend double checking your results using an at home drug test so you aren’t completely surprised on test day.

Hopefully, you won’t be staring down at a urinalysis kit any time soon, and if you are, make sure you have a same-day detox drink handy in case of emergency.

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