Focus: High While You Work Music Playlist

Your music choices can have a serious impact on your state of flow during work.
Your music choices can have a serious impact on your state of flow during work. /

Do you listen to music while working? The choices you make here could have a profound impact on your productivity and mood.

For instance, a study published by the JAMA network found that music improved performance during work hours and made repetitive tasks more bearable.

Yet another study found that music with lyrics tends be a distraction, causing a decline in productivity.

In other words, if you are going to listen to music during work, better to keep it instrumental.

And if you’re chained to a computer for most of your workday (especially working from home), a little bit of cannabis combined with the right type of music could bring you into a state of flow and hyperfocus.

If you are going to use cannabis during work, you might want to check out this article on the 5 Best Ways to Use Cannabis for Creativity.

For all you cannabis-loving desk jockeys out there, The Bluntness has curated a special playlist for focus during working hours (whether you’re high or not).

How to use this playlist

You might enjoy keeping this entire playlist on repeat.

Conversely, not every song here is going synch with your personal creative focus vibes.

If you discover any artist on this playlist that hits you just right, we encourage you to explore their respective catalog for a deeper, more cohesive experience.

And if you don’t have Spotify, fear not. We’ve embedded YouTube videos of every song in the playlist for your dose of creative focus ear candy.

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