11 Career Paths for Cannabis Lovers Who Hate Drug Tests

If you need cannabis to get you through the day, career choice matters.
If you need cannabis to get you through the day, career choice matters. / Image by Elf-Moondance from Pixabay

The thing about cannabis legalization is this: a lot of employers are still drug testing. If you prefer to have cannabis in your life, it’s best to find work that supports your desires. 

Below are 11 different career paths where cannabis shouldn’t be an issue as long as it doesn’t negatively affect your performance.

Best Career Paths for Cannabis Lovers

1) Cannabis Industry

This one seems obvious, however there are more nuances and opportunities in cannabis than most people realize.

In addition to working within the cannabis supply chain, you also have a ton of ancillary opportunities from security to marketing to legal, and every other service a commodity-based industry needs.

However, the cannabis space is a fast-moving sector with lots of uphill challenges, so be ready.

2) Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur means being your own boss, and it comes with plenty of risk. To be successful, you have to truly believe in yourself and your product/service.

However, with risk comes reward, like your ability to set your own schedule and go about your work completely on your own terms. 

If you use cannabis throughout the day for concentration, creativity, productivity, empathy, etc., you might thrive in this sort of role or, like many entrepreneurs, you might struggle to get anything off the ground.

3) Web Developer

Web development is a great career to pursue if you value design, innovation, and independence. In a world gone digital, any thriving business must have a successful web presence – and cannabis businesses need a lot of help here, by the way.

With this career path, you get to help expand whatever industry you’re passionate about from the inside. From developing apps to creating websites for brands, there are plenty of options for creativity with the freedom to indulge. 

4) Music Industry

One of the industries most famously accepting of weed and those who love it, is the music industry. Whether you’re a musician, a composer, an agent, or a college kid working at a vintage record store, cannabis has had a place in music for as long as anyone can remember, and it’s definitely not frowned upon.

A lot of musicians utilize the plant to inspire creativity and freedom in their songwriting, and music journalists may experience the same benefits in their work. Whichever way you want to approach the industry, there’s a place for you and your weed.

5) Writer

Most creative career paths are centered around independence and friendly to cannabis, but being a writer is one of the best ways to combine your craft with your love for the plant.

If you’re a staff writer or journalist at a news publication, your environment may not be as laid back, but for freelancers or marketers, you’re largely free to make your own schedule, which is great for anyone who wants to consume cannabis at chosen times during the day. 

While cannabis may not be helpful for every phase of writing, it can inspire new ideas and problem solving on the page, which is great for any writer. 

6) Fashion Design

The fashion industry as a whole is a very fast-paced and high-strung environment, but if there’s a place for a cannabis connoisseur within the industry, it’s in design. 

From Jacquie Aiche to Vivienne Westwood, plenty of designers have turned to their creations to express their love for weed.

If you’re visually expressive, fashionably inclined, and passionate about the plant, fashion design may be a great way for you to communicate that. 

7) Tattoo/Piercing Industry

The tattoo/piercing industry definitely falls under this category of creative jobs that are cannabis friendly. 

This career path revolves around total creativity and independence – not to mention the fact that there’s an entire market for cannabis-specific tattoos. 

8) Glassblowing

Glassblowing is another industry that has a huge potential for crossover with the cannabis industry – hello, pipes and bongs. 

If you were always the friend to engineer a pipe out of an apple or discarded water bottle, and you prefer to work with your hands in general, glassblowing may be the perfect career path for you.

You can hone in on the cannabis side of the industry with beautiful, custom-made pipes and bongs, and there is endless potential for creation and innovation.

You might now want to be super high around the furnace though.

9) Restaurant Industry

Working in the restaurant industry can be intense, and your job will be cannabis friendly depending on what you do within the industry.

Some kitchens will send you home if you show up for work stoned, and a lot of kitchen staff prefer to get high after their shift when they can enjoy themselves.

Essentially, there is no baseline policy for drug testing in the restaurant industry, and it is at the discretion of the employer – which is true for many industries.

10) Entertainment/Media

Much like the music industry, entertainment is naturally friendly to cannabis. 

Weed is also becoming more normalized in the media, beyond the stoner stereotypes so many of us are tired of.

So if you’ve always wanted to write a show about characters who smoke weed, now’s the time. 

Pretty much every aspect of the entertainment industry is creative, whether you want to act, direct, produce, write, or dance – and cannabis can inspire creativity.

This could also include careers in livestreaming and podcasting.

11) Fitness Industry

Working in fitness is another great way to follow your passion while maintaining independence and autonomy within your industry. 

Whether you want to own a gym, work as a personal trainer, or train as a professional athlete, this career path is for self-starters who work well on their own.

Cannabis has also brought a lot of benefits to the fitness industry. Many athletes utilize the plant for recovery and pain management, and some even use it to work out harder and longer.

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