Gary Payton: The Cannabis Cultivar You Need To Try Next

People love Cookies' Gary Payton cannabis strain for a reason!
People love Cookies' Gary Payton cannabis strain for a reason! / Image courtesy

Everything Cookies puts out takes off. It’s because with their reputation and status, people associate them with the best of the best buds. While it's subjective on who in the world grows the best weed, one thing is for sure: Cookies has a banger with Gary Payton. It is one of the best strains to come out in recent years, and if you’re considering trying it, stop second guessing right now. It’s certified fire.

What is the Gary Payton cannabis strain?

Gary Payton, aka The Glove, is a Hall of Fame basketball player best known for his defensive expertise. He most notably played for the Seattle Supersonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) alongside Shawn Kemp, but he won his sole NBA Championship with LeBron James and The Heat. Gary Payton also played with the Milwaukee Bucks, Los Angeles Lakers, and Boston Celtics. He wore the #20 for the majority of his career.

Gary Payton, the cannabis strain, is a cross of The Y and Snowman. It was bred by Kenny Powers of Powerzzzup Genetics, an OG in the Bay Area cannabis scene, and original member of the famed Cookies Family (responsible for giving the world Girl Scout Cookies). The potent hybrid has a super loud terpene profile that will scream in your face any time you crack a jar of GP, just like its namesake.

The strain is named after the 20th phenotype of its genetics. When Powerzzup and Cookies created Gary Payton, they had to look at all of its different expressions to decide which version of GP was the one. The 20th phenotype was the champion, and thus, it was named after the NBA legend who donned the number. Cookies collabed with Gary Payton when they brought the strain to market.

What does Gary Payton look like?

Gary Payton can look a few different ways depending on where you get it. Out of that blue Cookies bag, you can expect the flower to have a mix of green, purple, and orange colors. It’s one of those strains that you look at and immediately know you want to try it. To the touch, it should feel sticky and fresh, ripe from the smoking.

Some expressions of Gary Payton from other growers have a mix of green and yellow-tinted hues. You look at the plant and it sort of looks like it would be good for daytime smoking, which is exactly when you should be burning some Gary. 

What does Gary Payton smell and taste like?

Gary Payton has a bunch of different aromas.

For the most part, it smells like a mix of earthy, sour, funky, gassy, lemony terpenes that you only need one word to describe: loud.

According to Leafly’s strain data, Gary Payton’s terpene profile is caryophyllene-dominant, backed by a strong amount of limonene and linalool. Caryophyllene is known for having a peppery scent and being good for relaxation; limonene has a citrus flavor and is thought to be uplifting/energetic; and linalool has a floral scent and sedative nature.

Knowing a strain’s terpene profile, and the way they react to your body, helps you guess how the experience might go.

Gary Payton effects and experience

Gary Payton is known for its high potency. Wikileaf has its average THC percentage at 25%; Leafly has it at 15%. According to a review done by Respect My Region, the batch of Gary Payton they purchased had 23.12% THC. If you’re a novice cannabis smoker, don’t let that deter you from trying it. Just manage your dosage (i.e. start with a bowl, not a blunt), and you’ll be fine.

That said, people who consume Gary Payton most commonly experience a relaxed euphoria that makes you feel happy and creative. For people that are stressed or depressed, it could be an excellent strain to try. It will clear your mind right out, while putting a smile on your face for the next few hours. Though it will knock you out if you smoke too much of it, Gary Payton isn’t thought to be a sleepy type of strain. It’s more so a super stoney hybrid that will remind you of its GSC lineage. 

Respect My Region says of Gary Payton that “This high provides a smooth calm that never builds into anything intolerable. The Gary Payton strain provided an ultra-relaxing experience, but something you can still cook dinner and clean the kitchen with.”

Is Gary Payton a head high or body high?

Gary Payton is most often a head high, though reviews vary. It’s important to remember that each human has an individual endocannabinoid system that processes cannabis compounds and the way that weed products make us feel. So what may be a head high for you, may be a body high for others. 

Leafly reviewer m........9 states that “It’s very euphoric so take it slow with this one or you’ll be knocked on your ass. It delivers a good head high. I feel comfortably numb and overall great.” For Leafly reviewer J........l, Gary Payton was also a cerebral experience. “Very cerebral and euphoric with super chill relaxation.”

Regardless of whether it hits you in the head or body, just know that Gary Payton is some really great weed and you should give it a try if you never have.

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