7 YouTube Channels to Watch While High

If you're going to blow a high in a YouTube rabbit hole, why not make it good?
If you're going to blow a high in a YouTube rabbit hole, why not make it good? /

There’s just something about getting high that makes you want to keep consuming: hilarious TV shows, trippy films, instrument-heavy music, immersive art, etc. Cannabis inspires curiosity and creativity, and in the age of the Internet, there are plenty of opportunities for weed-induced exploration just waiting for us at the tips of our fingers.

Of course, there’s one platform in particular that allows for hours of endlessly scrolling through tutorials, educational videos, and WTF moments caught on candid camera: the holy grail of random Internet shit, YouTube.

These seven YouTube channels are fan favorites to watch while high, and we highly recommend you do the same.

1. Primitive Technology

Primitive Technology is a YouTube channel featuring Queensland man John Plant, who creates various tools and materials using nothing but things found in the wild.

Each video – featuring Plant wordlessly working at a pace so soothing it’s practically ASMR – is accompanied by cut and dry descriptions of Plant’s process, with incredible statements like: “It should be pointed out that I do not live in the wild and that this is just a hobby” peppered throughout.

Yes, I suppose it should.

2. Brave Wilderness

Featuring Animal Planet host Nathaniel “Coyote” Peterson, Brave Wilderness documents and educates viewers on the “wild world of adventure.” 

Peterson records close-up interactions with animals, explores folksy phenomena like Bigfoot, and even cuts off a rhino’s horn at one point.

3. The Slow Mo Guys

If you don’t feel “high enough,” you certainly will after checking out The Slow Mo Guys. To put it bluntly, this YouTube channel features a bunch of shit in slow motion, like diving into mousetraps, belly-flopping onto a six-foot water balloon, and other strangely aesthetically-pleasing experiences.

4. CrashCourse

Looking to learn something new? CrashCourse is your one-stop-shop for a random, beautiful amalgamation of real-life-applicable topics, like managing finances, making loan payments, transitioning from student to employee, and all of the other mandatory life skills we never actually learn in school.

5. Kurzgesagt

Named after the German word for “in a nutshell,” Kurzgesagt is an animated channel that breaks down educational content in a minimalist, easily-digestible fashion.

Viewers will learn about topics like climate change, optimistic nihilism, and brain-eating amoeba – and being high while doing so is the cherry on top of enlightenment.

6. Vsauce

Vsauce features videos with no real rhyme or reason – just a unified intent to “feed the curious and illuminate the amazing.” 

The channel explores some of life’s craziest questions, like: Did people used to look older? Do chairs exist?

7. Omeleto

Omeleto is the home of the world’s best short films, and their YouTube channel allows the public to access the critically-acclaimed work that has graced the screens of the Oscars, Sundance, Cannes, and more.

Perusing their channel, you’ll be swept up in a series of short-but-intimate stories, like a homeless teen meeting a deaf-blind man, a father being cut off from his son, and two strangers at a wedding reception making an unexpected connection

I’m not crying…you are.

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