REVIEW: The PAX Plus Vaporizer

Is the PAX Plus cannabis vaporizer worth your time and money?
Is the PAX Plus cannabis vaporizer worth your time and money? /

PAX is known for helping set the industry standard when it comes to cannabis vaporizers, and their latest launch of products was accompanied by an immersive, metropolitan-like experience at Bodega in DTLA. The brand partnered with the well-known hype store on their release, transforming the retail space into a PAX-themed bustling city sidewalk for one night.

The launch party showcased the brand’s new PAX Mini, PAX Plus, and an array of PAX Infused Flower with Solventless Hash – all while guests experienced an immersive walk-through that included food, drinks, device-engraving stations, a live DJ, and tattoo artist Jose Arugo doling out PAX permanent body art to some brave souls.

Within this space, PAX Pluses were doled out in pastel tote bags – allowing us the chance to try the legendary brand’s latest product, and offer our blunt opinion.

What is the PAX Plus Vaporizer?

Holding the PAX Plus vaporizer
If you've never tried vaping cannabis flower, the PAX Plus is a solid choice for beginners. /

The PAX Plus is a portable vaporizer that offers consumers a smooth smoke, significantly reducing the harshness that often accompanies puffing on a joint, blunt, or hitting a bong.

The product includes a variety of accessories that allow you to customize the vaping experience to your preference, from hit potency to bowl size. 

Designed to avoid the overheating that tends to affect cannabis vaporizers, the PAX Plus promises “all heat, never burn” with a 3D oven screen that is easier to remove than previous editions, and even easier to clean.

Who is the PAX Plus Vaporizer made for?

This dual-use vaporizer allows for both flower and concentrate consumption, and is ideal for anyone who prefers their cannabis sessions to be easy, discreet, and portable.

The battery life will grant you two-plus hours of seshing, which is perfect for smoking on-the-go. The design also reduces the odor of flower or concentrate, which is typically a dead giveaway in public settings.

What accessories does the PAX Plus Vaporizer come with?

The PAX Plus Vaporizer comes with a variety of accessories that allow consumers to customize their smoking experience, along with keeping their product clean and well-maintained to ensure years of successful and reliable usage.

PAX Plus Smoking Accessories:

  • Flat & Raise Mouthpiece
  • Oven Lid (Full-Size .5g and Half-Pack .25g for smaller bowls)
  • Concentrate Insert
  • Three 3D Oven Screens
  • Multi-Tool for Packing and Cleaning
  • Wire Brush for Cleaning
  • Charge Cable

Optional Additional Accessories:

  • PAX Charging Tray
  • Smell-Proof Stash Bag
  • Grinder

How to use the PAX Plus Vaporizer

The PAX Plus was designed with ease of use in mind, especially considering most consumers will utilize this product on-the-go. 

You’ll begin as most dry-herb vaping sessions do: by packing your bowl. This looks like either loading your concentrate pod, a PAX flower pod, or some ground up flower of your own into your oven size of choice, popping the lid on, and turning on your device so it can heat up.

With no app required for activation, you’ll simply hold down on the mouthpiece until your device lights up, and then select your preferred mode based on your desired session type:

  • Stealth Mode
    This mode is designed to minimize the vapor output as much as possible, while also dimming your device’s LEDs so you can enjoy ultimate discretion…or, stealth.
  • Efficiency Mode
    The PAX Plus’s Efficiency Mode is designed to deliver optimal vapor production, while conserving material as much as possible so you can get all of the bang for your buck.
  • Flavor Mode
    Do you consider yourself a cannabis flavor connoisseur? If so, this mode was created to impress you. Flavor Mode allows for the subtlest flavor nuances to shine through throughout your smoking experience.
  • Boost Mode
    If your preferred method of vaporizing involves concentrate, you’ll want to select Boost Mode. This mode was created with the concentrate lover in mind, delivering the maximum amount of vapor for this consumption medium.

Once you’ve selected your mode, you’ll wait a few seconds for your device to heat up. You’ll  know it’s ready with a subtle vibration, alerting you that it’s time to start puffing. Then, you’ll do just that – smoothly inhaling via the mouthpiece without having to hold down on any buttons for the vaporizer to begin hitting.

Whenever you’re done with the device, simply hold down on that mouthpiece again until the light turns off. 

Our blunt review of the PAX Plus Vaporizer

So, the PAX Plus Vaporizer is dynamic and simple to use, although somewhat pricey for the average consumer.

However, that’s entirely dependent on how much you’re able and willing to spend, and if you have the budget, we highly recommend going with this vaporizer for a discreet, elite, and reliable session every time.

Here are our favorite PAX Plus features that informed our seal of approval and subsequent recommendation to interested consumers:

  • Dynamic Use
    We love that the PAX Plus is dynamic in its usage. Whether you’re a faithful flower consumer or a concentrate constant, this vaporizer is ideal for you. It guarantees on-the-go capabilities and increased discretion, which is great for mobile sessions and environments where smoking loud weed might not be encouraged or appreciated.
  • Varying Bowl Capacity
    The PAX Plus’s different options for bowl size is great for varying consumer preference. You might not always be in the mood to take on a full 0.5-gram bowl, and saving some soon-to-be stale weed or concentrate in the oven for a later session isn’t ideal either. 
  • Quick Heat Time
    The PAX Plus Vaporizer’s heat time is just 22 seconds. Although other devices may heat up instantly (like the Era Life or Era Pro), this extended heat time guarantees your product won’t get burnt or overheated, and allows for a smoother and bolder flavor.
  • Long Battery Life
    With a battery life that lasts up to 2.5 hours, you can get up to 10 smoke sessions out of your PAX Plus at a time without having to worry about finding your nearest outlet. Again, this is ideal for on-the-go consumption, or packing a quick bowl in a bind.
  • Reliable Warranty
    This device’s warranty lasts for 10 years, which is five times as long as the PAX Mini, and nine years longer than the Era Life or Era Pro.

Overall, we think this device is great for consumers with the budget and desire for a quality vaporizer with a long life, a reliable warranty, and the allowance for variability, discretion, and optimal flavor. 

Calling all cannabis vaporizer connoisseurs: this has our blunt seal of approval. 

To check out the rest of PAX’s product line, explore accessories, and figure out what works best for your needs, visit their full collection on their website.

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