A Rastafarian Community in Jamaica Needs Your Help

A new GoFundMe campaign organized by William Brawner aims to fund a women's shelter for a secluded Jamaican village.

One Love, One Heart

Many, if not all of you, are aware of my affinity for Rastafarian culture and what it embodies.

In recent years, I've made a couple of important pilgrimages to a secluded village nestled deep in the Blue Mountains north of Kingston, Jamaica.

The community has not been exploited by tourism; rather it remains as unadulterated as one might imagine, pure and seemingly from another time. They live off the land in every conceivable way and practice a way of existence that I find wholly inspirational.

They're a small community (100 or so) composed of big hearts seeking wisdom. Their teachings of unity, tolerance, oneness of the heart, the avoidance of false pride and expressing love in every situation are, and continue to be, very influential.

I was blessed to have been introduced to the community by some dear friends and, over the course of my experiences, they have left what is certain to be a permanent imprint on my spirit.

I write to you today with a warm heart as my aim is to provide some financial assistance to them.  While they are far too proud to ever ask for anything, it is clear that there needs are compelling and thus my hope is to persuade others to contribute to their future in a meaningful way.

In particular, the project that is by far the most essential is that of the women's shelter.

In recent years, many women have fled the violence and destitution of Kingston to the village after hearing via word of mouth that a more peaceful world exists, one which both they and their children can enjoy a life without harm.

The pandemic situation has intensified this growing trend and the village elders have deemed it a priority to create a structure in which women and their families can use as a transition point before creating an eventual dwelling of their own. My sincere hope is that each of your might take it upon yourself to be as generous as possible and help provide the type of assistance that can make this new shelter a reality.

My good friend and Chief Elder, Dermot, has created a short video to illustrate his vision and the attendant construction needs. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each one of you for your consideration and promise to keep you abreast of all future developments.

One love,

Check out the One Love, One Heart campaign here.

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