Jenny Blaze Unites Content Creators For “Speak Easy & Be Cool”

On Thursday, October 13, Blaze will host a live event at an iconic cabaret venue with a few of her favorite content creators. The fellow entertainers and influencers will breakdown BravoCon, the Bravo Universe and enjoy that #weedlife. Sign up to watch the virtual event LIVE here.

Let’s face it. Social media wouldn’t be as engaging without incredibly talented content creators that draw us in and capture us in their web of reels. A member of our team came across Jenny Blaze’s account, @Bravoandblaze, a few months back and we’ve been hooked on her content ever since. Blaze speaks to that cross-section of female cannabis consumers who love their weed and love their pop culture. 

What was originally a way for Blaze to pass time during Covid has become a true business, churning out content on a daily basis. Empowering women and moms to feel comfortable with talking about cannabis as part of the mainstream has allowed Blaze to shatter the green glass ceiling. 

Like so many others, Blaze found herself binge watching everything and anything during the pandemic. She immersed herself into the Bravo Universe and realized that there wasn’t a representation of CannaMom’s. As a CannaMom herself, she knew this was a glaring miss - as some of her favorite Real Housewives are also CannaMoms. 

“I really wanted to bridge the gaps between entertainment, pop culture and the cannabis industry, which is really just an extension of the health and wellness industry,” said Blaze. “As a mother of four, I deal with chronic pain and turned to cannabis to help alleviate some of that daily suffering. I have to be at my best and there’s no shame in that. I knew through pop culture, I could really help remove some of the stigma around mothers enjoying weed.”

She jumped into action to start filling this need, wanting to combine her support and love of the CannaMom community with her passion for reality TV. Blaze also wanted to show her four daughters that when you find any barriers that hindered women from feeling accepted and successful, you burn them to the ground. Not just in the cannabis industry, but in the workforce as well. 

A few months back, Bravo announced they would once again be hosting their wildly successful BravoCon in New York City this October. The excitement of the Bravo community has been soured slightly due to the cost of tickets to the multi-day event. A three day pass that allows a fan access to all events went for $1,950, pretax. The cheapest one day pass is $170. 

Mom or not, the US is experiencing a recession. As groceries, gas and rent all increase, people are forced to make tough choices. $170 is no drop in the bucket. So, Blaze thought to herself, how could she bring together the communities she’s passionate about to celebrate BravoCon without pricing anyone out?

And “Speak Easy & Be Cool” was born. 

“Speak Easy & Be Cool” serves as the unique opportunity to have your favorite Bravo Content Creators in one place, under one roof and put on a show for the Bravo community that she absolutely loves so much. The event will be streamed live so that Bravo-lovers across the country can take part in one very special event, free of charge. You can sign up for the event here. Streaming will begin at 7PM. 

Appearances will be made by the following creators:

  • @TheBravoBottoms 
  • @MarTEAnisWithEddy 
  • @BravoBreakingNews 
  • @PeterxPanos
  • @TheRealHousematesofNY
  • @BravBros 
  • @BravobyGays 
  • @Bravoboyfriends 
  • @Blocked_by_Jax 
  • @DidmyDoute
  • @Bravobitchfest 

A variety of sponsors have signed on for the event, including presenting sponsor Frankie Smoke, as well as Cantrip, Flores Smoke, Stoned Fine Jewelry, Home of Hautebox, Her Highness, Come Back Daily, Stache Products, Fresh Wolf, and The Bluntness. 

Continue to check back for updates on creators who will be attending this event. Be sure to follow @bravoandblaze and @bluntnessmedia for coverage of this one-of-a-kind event.

Learn more about Bravo & Blaze by visiting or listen to her podcast.

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