5 Interesting Weed Podcasts You Don't Want to Miss

Looking for a great weed podcast? Check these out.
Looking for a great weed podcast? Check these out. / Image by Tumisu from Pixabay

What is your favorite cannabis podcast and why?

With a podcast for just about every subject under the sun, it should come as no surprise that cannabis has made the list, with a wide variety of podcasts that examine the plant from every angle imaginable.

This list rounds up five intriguing cannabis podcasts the Internet has to offer, from BIWOC cannabis moms to uniting cannabis community, as well the busting of cannabis myths and some of the greatest moments in the plant’s centuries-long history.

1. Blunt Blowin' Mama

Weed moms or canna-curious moms oftentimes have nobody else to talk to about the nuances of cannabis.

Blunt Blowin' Mama hosted by Shonitria is a great place to start.

Host Shonitria aims to normalize parents who smoke weed and amplify the voices of BIWOC in the cannabis industry by having honest, open, enlightening and entertaining conversations about the cannabis and hemp plants.

2. Radio Free Cannabis

The Radio Free Cannabis podcast hosted by Steve DeAngelo is an excellent choice for anyone who is a part of or wants to learn more about the cannabis community.

"If we can all figure out how to talk to each other, and how to take common action on the basis of our common value system, we can change this world into the one we all really want to live in. Catalyzing that dialog and building that decision-making structure is the mission of Radio Free Cannabis"

3. High Priority

We’d be lying if we said the cannabis industry was perfect. Like any other market, cannabis comes with a wide variety of issues, from the lasting impact of its decades-long prohibition and the continued need for equity to its Schedule I Drug status that remains cannabis held back from progress.

Hosted by cannabis PR professionals Alexis Dionne and Chelsea, the biweekly High Priority podcast fearlessly and honestly examines these issues, featuring experts like Happy Munkey co-founder Vladimir Bautista and the Marijuana Policy Project’s Director of Social Equity & Inclusion Tahir Johnson.

4. CannaBS Detector

Hosted by industry veteran and expert Kristen Yoder, the CannaBS Detector is the industry’s bluntest podcast yet. Yoder leads each conversation with gusto, inviting guests who are unafraid to discuss the various pitfalls and scams that often accompany working in cannabis.

Rather than deter folks away from the industry, this podcast works to encourage the industry to do better and hold itself accountable for a brighter future.

5. Great Moments in Weed History

Hosted by Abdullah Saeed and David Bienenstock, the Great Moments in Weed History podcast is exactly what it sounds like.

The show puts out content on a weekly basis, regularly diving into different and unique aspects of cannabis’s 10,000+ year history, like TV moments, the history of cannabis boycotting, the invention of dabs, and more.

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