How To Make A Sploof To Eliminate Cannabis Odor

Cardboard is just one way to make a sploof.
Cardboard is just one way to make a sploof. /

When people are smoking weed, one of the biggest concerns is getting rid of the smell. Especially if you’re living somewhere that doesn’t allow it. So a lot of cannabis consumers look for ways to hide the smell and be more discreet. One of those ways that is most common is making a sploof.

What is a sploof?

A sploof is a cannabis device that helps you hide the smell of weed burning in the air. It is a personal smoke filter. It filters smoke out of your mouth and through perforated materials that eliminate the evidence of you getting high where you aren’t supposed to. It is a classic smoking device that our ancestors have been using for years. No one knows who invented the sploof, but we salute whoever they are.

Sploofs are great devices for people that live in apartments with sketchy ass landlords that cry about smoke instead of encouraging medication. And the good news is that there are a variety of household materials you can use to make them.

How do you make a sploof?

There are all types of different sploofs. The basic cardboard and dryer sheet ones are the most common and simple to make. You can also buy real deal personal smoke filters from multiple companies, if you don’t want to keep making your own every time you smoke. 

What you need to make a simple sploof:

  • Cylindrical object (toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, etc.)
  • Dryer sheets
  • Rubber bands

Step 1: Grab the toilet paper/paper towel roll you plan to use

Step 2: Place your dryer sheet over the top of it

Step 3: Secure the top of the dryer sheet with a rubber band

Step 4: Stuff a few more dryer sheets into the tube

Step 5: Smoke weed and blow through the filters

Step 6: Celebrate how easy it is to make a sploof

There are a few other tools you can use to make more effective sploofs, if the ol’ cardboard and dryer sheets aren't cutting the mustard. Some people use bottles and PVC pipes as their filtering tubes. As opposed to dryer sheets, some people use activated carbon materials, like the activated charcoal used to trap odors in fish tanks.

How do you use a sploof?

The steps to use a sploof are pretty simple. Smoke your flower, raise your sploof to your lips, exhale into the sploof, and wait for the fragrance of dryer sheets to completely fill the air.

Step 1: Put a flame to your pipe, joint, gravity bong whatever

Step 2: Inhale the smoke from your flower

Step 3: Hold the smoke in your mouth as your raise your sploof

Step 4: Put the open side of the sploof to your mouth

Step 5: Exhale into the sploof

Step 6: Celebrate how easy it is to use a sploof

NOTE: Sploofs are meant to hide the smell or burning flower. This becomes harder when you’re smoking a joint. Even if you exhale into a sploof, the joint is still burning the entire time, which means there’s a chance that you’ll still leave a lingering scent. Using pipes and bongs with your sploof works much better. But still, choose your own adventure.

What types of sploofs can you buy?

If you want to get fancy, you can also buy plenty of smoke filters that use activated carbon filters to kill your lingering scents. Amazon is full of them. If you don’t want to support them, just go to the companies’ websites. 

Here are five of the most popular personal smoke filters (sploofs) in the game right now. They are more expensive than making your own, but they also work a lot better.

The Smoke Trap

The Smoke Trap is a pocket-sized device that kills weed smell like the best of them. It has a rubber mouthpiece for lip comfort and the filters inside are pretty easy to remove/replace. According to their website’s FAQ section, the Smoke Trap can get up to 300 exhales (standard across most of the devices on this list) of use before you need to replace the filter. You can cop a Smoke Trap for the measly price of $20 bucks right now (normally $30). 

The Smoke Buddy

Chances are you’ve come across The Smoke Buddy in your travels. If not, today’s your lucky day. It’s a personal sploof that works extremely well, and comes in a wide variety of colors. Plus, they send you a travel cap and an LED keychain with the device. To promote sustainability, The Smoke Buddy has released an eco-friendly version of the device that’s made from plant-based plastic. 

Sploofy Pro

The Sploofy Pro is a cheap, yet effective sploof with a very simple design. You can get them for $20, and in three different colors: black, aqua, and red.

Smoke Eraser

The Smoke Eraser is a high quality spoof that uses an H13 medical grade HEPA filter and activated carbon to kill 99.9% of exhaled smoke and odor, according to their website. They have a wide variety of colors and psychedelic designs that will run you for about $25.

Eco Four Twenty

Last on this list is the Eco Four Twenty. It’s a cylindrical sploof made with aircraft grade aluminum casing and a 2 stage medical grade filter. Their website says that the device can be used for up to 500 puffs, 200 more than the above products, and that the average user can go 2-3 months before needing to change the filter. You can cop an Eco Four Twenty for $30.

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