Honest Creates Smokeware Worthy of Being Seen

We don’t know about you, but after a certain age, the bong on the coffee table is just not as tres chic as it could be, amirite? 

We spend so much time making our homes feel luxurious and unique to us, yet the plastic rolling tray and ashtray you got for free at an event can give off unemployed college student-vibes. In our opinion, once you hit 30, it’s time to level up from the technicolored, stoned caricature-themed smokeware and find something as sophisticated, stylish, grown-up and (of course) responsible as you are. 

What is Smoke Honest?

While there are a few brands out there offering elevated, stylish products in this category, none are doing it as well as Smoke Honest. In 2018, the founders from California, Colorado and Oregon set out to create thoughtful, practical and well-designed products that improve or enhance the cannabis consumer’s life. You’ll find simple yet thoughtful, and even inventive ways every day smokeware that’s reimagined to compliment your needs. 

Capsule Water Pipe

Smoke Honest

With their award-winning Capsule Water Pipe, the mission has been accomplished. Sleek and modern in design, Honest paid great attention to creating a durable product that camouflages well in any home. Made from shatter-resistant borosilicate glass, stainless steel and anodized aluminum, it’s a worthy investment for a durable, stylish and long-lasting bong. Did we mention it’s dishwasher safe? 

Rolling Tray & Storage

We also loved the quality and thought put into Honest’s ashtray, stash jar and rolling tray / storage station. Their simple yet aesthetically pleasing rolling tray is made from walnut and is coated for scratch resistance, again, making it a product that blends into the decor and ambiance of any home. It was designed for dual use in three different sizes. Quite honestly, if this is on your coffee table, you’ll get compliments. It’s got spots for your joints, your lighter, and a corner slot for easy clean up, so if you want to flaunt your flower, you certainly can.

What’s so great about the stash jar and ashtray? They’re solid. They have some weight to them, almost mimicking a paperweight. The silicone lids on either item can be used as base to prevent slippage, though both products are made from shatter resistant glass. The silicone lid ensures the safety of your bud. An ashtray or stash jar aren’t typically items I’d think to give as a gift, but these products are gorgeous. I’d proudly gift them anytime. 

There’s something about feeling like a grown-up smoker. We debate the use of the word “stoner” here at The Bluntness quite a bit and everyone has their own opinion. The bottom line is that the cannabis industry has made so much progress over the last few years, people of all ages, races and backgrounds are using the plant in the way that works best for them. The shame and judgment that can be associated with smoking weed is passé. With their commitment to quality, Honest is helping to destigmatize in its own, very fashionable way.