Happy Valley: New Flagship Dispensary Redefines Boston's Cannabis Landscape

Happy Valley expands its blueprint for positive cannabis experiences.
Happy Valley expands its blueprint for positive cannabis experiences.

June 24, 2021 -- Gloucester’s Happy Valley, a vertically-integrated cannabis company dedicated to premium-quality experiences, has just expanded their reach in the New England area. 

Their newest location, a flagship in East Boston, just opened for business this week and has instantly raised the bar for cannabis consumers.

Happy Valley Expands Its Reach Across Massachusetts 

The cannabis industry is ever-expanding, and brands have had to evolve alongside innovations in cannabis, tech, and the way businesses interact with their consumers. Happy Valley is happily setting the stage for the legal market in Massachusetts, centering their brand experience around education, awareness, and premium plant products. 

“The new location is similar to our original one in Gloucester, but we have about two and a half times the amount of space to play with here,” says CEO Michael Reardon. “As a result, we had this big opportunity to make things much more immersive for customers.”

Reardon is well aware how differently people can utilize cannabis, but his experience in the industry and the legal Massachusetts market has also made him aware of how lacking many consumers are in quality cannabis education. 

To help address this issue and create a welcoming environment, the 10,850 sq. ft. location features a stunning LCD screen installation highlighting Happy Valley’s products, grow rooms, and extraction processes, along with other visually-captivating cannabis content. 

The new flagship will also feature expedited check-in and express pick-up lines for convenience, education touch-screens for anyone with questions, and expert “hosts” who claim to offer nothing less than a superior customer experience. 

“We had the ability to create the best environment to sell cannabis out of, and I think the store has accomplished that,” Reardon says. “So many people have never seen cannabis grow, or have any idea how we make most of these products, so showing that whole experience and giving a better sneak peek at what we do is important for consumers.”

Awareness and education are at the forefront of Happy Valley’s mission. While many other cannabis brands might prioritize profit, Happy Valley prioritizes the experience and the satisfaction that every customer is truly being taken care of in a way that works best for them. 

What Premium Cannabis Means to Happy Valley

Happy Valley Cannabis

Happy Valley isn’t just a Massachusetts dispensary offering premium cannabis and education – the brand also cultivates and manufactures all of their products out of Gloucester, resulting in premium cannabis absolutely guaranteed to “unlock your experience.”

But what does “premium” mean to Happy Valley?

“‘Premium’ means attention to detail, brand standards, and ensuring we always put our best foot forward,” Reardon elaborates. “We won’t put it in a jar if it doesn’t meet our hand-trimming standards. We won’t put our name on it if it doesn’t meet the standard we set for ourselves: excellence.”

Reardon emphasizes the importance of teamwork. Thanks to Happy Valley’s carefully curated team of cannabis experts, the brand can achieve premium cannabis every time: whole ground flower, never trim, never shake. 

You might be wary, but Happy Valley is already one step ahead of you. Customers are able to verify a product’s origin by scanning the package’s QR code, using Happy Valley’s mobile app for iOS and Android. 

You can also use the Happy Valley Insider Mobile app to access purchase history, check for rewards points if you’re a medical patient, or utilize a personal journal to keep track of your experiences, which will help you determine what works for you and what doesn’t. 

Happy Valley Hosts Are Here to Help You Succeed

Happy Valley dispensary

The flagship will also feature “hosts” who are experts on all things cannabis. These aren’t your average budtenders who may or may not know the difference between myrcene and linalool – Happy Valley hosts have all undergone an extensive training program, educating them on terpene profiles, flower lineage, production techniques, and much more.

“Our responsibility at Happy Valley is to be able to educate everyone from a connoisseur to a newbie to someone who returned to cannabis after many years away,” Reardon says. “We have this opportunity to be authentic and transparent. We’re not trying to sell someone the highest-priced product – we’re working with our customers to make sure they find the right product for their needs.”

As more consumers become familiar with the benefits of cannabis, education around the plant and the different ways it can work for you are absolutely vital. Even the most seasoned consumer might still have some questions, and Happy Valley seeks to bridge that gap.

“Sometimes you want to be uplifted, sometimes you need to relieve pain, and sometimes you just need to relax and get some rest. There are so many different ways to talk about cannabis, and we’re trying to get that dialogue going,” Reardon says. 

Customers from near and far can walk into a Happy Valley location and find a range of their premium cannabis products. The flagship features solventless extract from full spectrum butter to bubble hash, as well as a myriad of other consumption options like jarred flower, pre-rolls, vape oil, tinctures, and edibles.

To celebrate the grand opening, Happy Valley will also introduce a pack of seven half-gram pre-rolls, featuring their premium pure ground flower. The pack includes matches and strike flint in a custom, reusable tin case. 

What’s Next For Happy Valley?

Happy Valley dispensary

Happy Valley isn’t stopping at their new location – in fact, Reardon already has plans for a third location in the state. 

“Our mission is greater than the Commonwealth, but our current focus is on building out the rest of our infrastructure here in Massachusetts,” Reardon says. “Our third retail location was recently approved in the Brighton neighborhood of Boston.”

Reardon hopes to have the new location up and running by next year. He’s also planning to open a second cultivation and manufacturing facility for the brand within the next year.

“Right now, we have roughly over 20 different retail partners we sell to on a wholesale level. We’re looking at expanding that, and making a bigger push on vape products. Our distillate is as pure as it gets. We have a top notch vape line, and we really want to get that message out so more people can experience that taste,” Reardon says. “Right now, we just want to service all parts of the state. That’s our goal.”

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