Weed Tolerance Break: Get High like the First Time

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When was the last time you got high for the first time? No, this isn’t a riddle, we’re talking about taking a tolerance break. You know, where you stop consuming all types of cannabis products for a period of time to reset your tolerance. It’s not as painful as it sounds and can help reset your system so you can more fully enjoy weed when you resume. If you’re warming up to the idea, read on. 

Tolerance Break Overview

Think back to when you first started smoking weed. You were probably a lot younger than you are now, but can likely still remember how getting stoned meant erupting into giggle fits as you sink into the couch. It’s not just the fond memories that feel extra stoney, you were truly getting more high then than you are now. 

The reason for that is because you’ve likely been smoking on a fairly regular basis ever since. Maybe you’ve taken a break here or there, but have you ever intentionally blocked off a period of time to quit altogether? That intentional pause is a tolerance break and it’s designed to reset the way you process weed. When all of the THC is out of your system and you consume it again, it’s like getting high for the first time. 

Your ‘tolerance’ is how much weed it takes you to get as high as you’d like to be. Before a tolerance break, you might take five or six hits off a joint and experience the kind of buzz you’d like. After a tolerance break, you might find that one or two hits get you to the same place. So, while a tolerance break might not sound so fun, just think how great it will be to take that first hit again! Not to mention the money you’ll save. 

Can You Break Your Weed Tolerance?

Yes, you can break your tolerance to weed. Cannabinoids affect our brain, working to entice our reward center, but also affecting our coordination and motor function. After using cannabis for a long period of time, these effects lessen. It sounds great to not lose motor control as readily, but that also means we receive less pleasure from THC as well. Certainly not as much pleasure as first-time or occasional users. 

After a tolerance break, we experience those pleasurable feelings in a heightened sense. We also experience the intoxicating effects more strongly so it's important to start slow when you end the tolerance break. 

How Long Should a Tolerance Break Be?

Here’s the part you might not like. A full tolerance break is about 30 days. This is how long it takes to get all of the THC out of your system. Now, this isn’t entirely true for all users all of the time, but it’s a solid rule of thumb. That said, if you were to take a tolerance break for two weeks and start back up again, you would likely experience some of the pleasurable effects in a new way. 

But, if your intention is to pursue a full tolerance break, plan for three to four weeks to completely cleanse your system of any THC metabolites. If you are here because you want to know how to pass a drug test, a tolerance break is the first thing you need to do.

Tips for a Weed Tolerance Break 

Changing habits is a challenge. When you’re used to doing something every single day, it can feel like something is missing. Like your buddy left town and suddenly you’re bored. If you smoke weed for better sleep, you might struggle to fall asleep at first, but eventually, your body will adjust. Here are some helpful tips to get you through your tolerance break. 

Stop Consuming

This one might seem obvious, but press pause on the pot. That means all the things - no smoking, vaping, dabbing, or eating cannabis edibles. Yes, even CBD and other novel cannabinoids like Delta-8, THC-O, or HHC. To truly take a tolerance break means to give up all cannabis products and stick to your commitment. 

Lifestyle Changes

The goal of a tolerance break is to reset your system to how weed affects you. That means that you need to eliminate all THC from your body, which can be tricky business if you are a chronic user. For some people, it might take up to 30 days to fully purge THC. Fortunately, there are things you can do to support your system. 

Staying hydrated is an easy effort and makes a big difference in overall health. Since you purge THC through sweat, urine, and feces, your body needs sufficient water intake to help encourage waste production. It’s also best to avoid troublesome foods that can clog up your digestive system and tax your liver. This includes alcohol, caffeine, sugar, dairy, wheat, and red meat. If you can, switch to fish, chicken, and tons of leafy greens, fruits, and vegetables.  

Don’t skip the gym during a tolerance break. Not only will the endorphins from working out help you feel better about not getting high, but you’ll burn fat cells that store THC. 

Find a New Vice

Giving up weed can be tough. For many of us, it’s a daily ritual in the form of a wake and bake or an after-dinner delight. Completely removing it from your routine can be difficult, even though weed isn’t physically addictive. The best way to combat those blues is by finding something new to fill the time you’d normally spend smoking pot. 

This can be implementing that new exercise routine, or picking up meditation. Maybe it’s trying out a new ritual, like brewing matcha tea or practicing a new language with an app like DuoLingo. Consider games, chewing gum, sucking on hard candy, brushing your teeth, doing jumping jacks, calling a loved one, or anything else to help take your mind off of missing weed. 

Herbal Help

Sorry, no, we don’t mean weed. There are plenty of herbs that aid detox by stimulating and supporting our detox organs, like the liver, kidney, and intestines. You can research individual herbs yourself to create a good protocol, or opt for a specialized detox kit for weed. This is like a super-charged detox system full of herbal allies to help your body cleanse itself as efficiently as possible.

Can I Lower Weed Tolerance and Still Smoke?

Sure, you can absolutely lower your intake. It will not give you the same results as taking a complete tolerance break, but if you want to start small give it a shot. Cut back on your regular dose by half and see how you feel. If you usually dab or puff a vape pen, switch to smoking flower. Switching to CBD joints is one way to significantly reduce your THC tolerance without giving up smoking entirely. After a couple of weeks of reducing your consumption, you might feel more comfortable with a total break.

Take it Easy

You might find that after a tolerance break, your taste for cannabis will change a little. This is a fun time to start experimenting with new types of weed, vapes, or edibles. It really is like starting over with weed and feeling giggle fits come on will take you right back to that cozy couch you remember the first time. Just remember to start small. If you used to take 20 mg THC edibles and try that after a tolerance break, you are going to be higher than an eagle booty. Start with five and enjoy the ride. 

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