Bluntness Kitchen Chefs: Meet Chef Hawaii Mike Salman

Chef Hawaii Mike has a lot happening, and he still makes time for the Bluntness Kitchen
Chef Hawaii Mike has a lot happening, and he still makes time for the Bluntness Kitchen /

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Whether you have cannabis experience, cooking experience, both, or neither, we’ve designed this arena to fuel the increased awareness and education surrounding cannabis-infused cooking. To do so, we bring some of the most accomplished and well-respected chefs in the industry to the forefront, sharing valuable cannabis cooking content, insights, tips, and how-to’s, you simply won’t be able to find anywhere else.

This profile series follows the Bluntness Kitchen Chefs, shedding light on their rich and varied backgrounds, what motivates them, and why they joined the Bluntness Kitchen.

Today’s chef profile highlights the work of Chef Hawaii Mike Salman: a Brooklyn-based creator who co-founded the social dining experience Chef for Higher

Cannabis Dining Experiences, Getting Inspired by Travel, and Opting for Sous Vide

While most of the chefs we profile got their start with making food because of family tradition or an early job at a restaurant, Salman first discovered cooking out of the desire to meet his own needs: raised vegan by his mother, he didn’t get the chance to explore a lot of different types of food, and that initial curiosity informed his pursuit of the craft.

“I never cooked at a restaurant or for a job – I learned how to cook from my father, and eventually began working as a prep cook along the way,” Salman said.

Today, he has seven years of chef experience under his belt, after pivoting from his previous roles in magazine publication, brand strategy and development, and strategic marketing. 

He’s carried that expertise into the culinary and cannabis realms, launching Chef for Higher as a way to both hone his cooking infusion skills and create a platform for experience: one founded on the simple building blocks of food, weed, and good company. 

“Food is a cultural glue and one of the greatest common denominators. When we eat the same meal, we vibrate together bringing us to a higher level, united in our oneness,” the Chef for Higher team wrote on their website. 

Chef Hawaii Mike’s Favorite Cooking Hack: “I love the sous vide method – a method of cooking that involves vacuum-sealing and immersing in warm water.”

This technique is typically used in gourmet cooking – an air of culinary sophistication that Salman gracefully brings to cannabis infusion. 

Although Salman has only been cooking professionally for seven years, his experience with cannabis in the kitchen dates back much longer than that. The chef began smoking weed when he was 12, and experimenting with cannabis-infused cooking as early as 14. 

Chef Hawaii Mike’s Favorite Recipes: “I love to make comfort food – foods for the soul that are relatable to a variety of cultures.”

While cannabis-infused cooking has historically been limited to baking – i.e., brownies, cookies, or Rice Krispies treats – the latest generation of cannabis chefs have gotten much more experimental with their creations, and infused comfort food is an increasingly popular option for consumers to enjoy.

Chef Hawaii Mike’s Top Cooking Influences: “I’m most inspired and influenced by traveling and experiencing different cultures – seeing how they do things differently and drawing from that.”

Before foraying into cannabis and cooking, Salman’s work experience was mainly in the music industry, where he also enjoyed a variety of cultures coming together to create something new and beautiful.

He’s carried that cultural curiosity into cannabis, which is valuable and exciting for a sector of the industry that is continuing to expand and find new ways to express itself. 

Chef Hawaii Mike’s Signature Go-To Dish: “People always ask me to make fried chicken and banana pudding.”

No matter what Salman is throwing down in the kitchen to create, his ultimate priority is always a calm atmosphere that is conducive to collaboration, creativity, and focusing on the win.

He’s a major advocate for responsible consumption, so figuring out people’s preferred dosage and tolerance levels is an essential part of the process for him – especially when curating a cannabis-infused dinner for several attendees.

The chef is also planning to launch Chef for Higher products in New York, which would allow consumers to take things into their own hands and infuse his style of gourmet creations at home if they wish. 

What’s Next for Chef Hawaii Mike: “We want to release those Chef for Higher products ASAP, which would initially include olive oil, coconut oil, honey, and habanero honey.”

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