4 Booming Cannabis Dispensaries in Chicago

These are the best places in Chicago to buy cannabis (legally). Get moving.
These are the best places in Chicago to buy cannabis (legally). Get moving. / Neal Kharawala/Unsplash

There are many reasons people might use Cannabis. Either to unwind from anxiety or for natural and less chemical-filled pain relief. Up to 20% of people between the ages of 18-25 use the drug either recreationally or for its medicinal benefits. Because it has the benefit of relaxation it may also help with insomnia.

It was legalized within the last decade and in Chicago recreationally on January 1, 2020. Finding a reputable dispensary might be somewhat of a challenge. To help out, here is a list of the 4 most well-rated dispensaries in Chicago.

The Herbal Care Center focuses on medical-use, but also sells to recreational users four days a week. This dispensary aims their business towards medical sales but is open on select days to recreational users. They have received a 4.8-star rating on Google and offer various products for smoking enjoyment. The accessories they carry include Vape pens, Edibles, and extract oils. Because they have such a high-quality herb they tend to have a line. Their staff is helpful and knowledgeable about the benefits of the herbs they offer. Check out THC Center for top quality weed. They both senior and military discounts and are the only dispensary in Chicago with a Google star rating above 4.5.

GreenGate Chicago is focused on creating an environment for its clients that feels at home, inviting and welcoming. They create personalized plans and their patients receive specialized assistance from knowledgable marijuana experts who can help them choose the best strain for their particular ailments. They are focused on finding a tailored plan to help their patients find the best remedy for their individual needs. The Green Gate dispensary has an airy vibe to their lobby and their menu includes strains such as Bubblegum, Wookies, and Candyland. They also have edibles and cartridges available for purchase.

Mission SouthShore dispensary is tailored toward convenience, with online orders available for pickup and a simple, easy to peruse the website. They also have a rewards system available for loyal customers. Their online menu includes edibles, high-quality buds, topicals, tinctures, and many other options to help patients relax and ease their pain.

NuMed has three convenient locations and they make it easy to become a member of their patient registration. Those who partake in the herb can reserve their orders online for recreational users. Patients can order in person if their need is medical. NuMed’s cannabis menu includes a wide variety of options for both the medical user and the recreational user.

Visiting these options should help a person find the dispensary that best fits their needs and how they prefer to partake in the benefits of the herb. Asking an expert who understands the weed can only increase enjoyment.