2021 Society's Plant Cannabis Gift Guide

This holiday season, we at The Bluntness decided to try something a little different. Instead of curating our own gift guide, we reached out to a few women in cannabis to get the scoop on what they are gifting this season.

In our third and final installment of our holiday gift guide, Society’s Plant Bianca Snyder takes us through some incredible picks for the mom in your life. If that mom uses plant medicine, Bianca’s got 10 gifts that she will love.

A note from High Society Mama, Bianca: 

I am a Mom. It is currently midway through the month of December and I am exhausted. As mothers, we tend to take on a lot during the holidays: playing Santa, arranging for copious amounts of magic and cheer, and of course, extra added rounds of being the designated snack bitch. It’s seriously hard work. Not to mention, you also have to juggle working while the kids are home from school for 2 weeks, (that's me).

I can say, it is a recipe for hot mess-stressed Mama! Luckily, there is a natural-wellness tool called cannabis that helps to regulate our big adulting emotions, so we can show up as the SUPER MOM we want to be!

Before we get into the fun stuff, I want to express how important it is for mothers to advocate for this plant and to fight the stigma of cannabis use. Mothers are held to a very high standard in society and so, when we normalize cannabis for mothers, then we normalize it for all of SOCIETY.

I started High Society Mama to inspire, educate and empower mothers to be more confident in their choice to use cannabis. Below, I’m sharing what I consider my essential shopping list for the canna-curious or plant-medicine-loving mother. A mom can only take so many macaroni necklaces or coffee mugs. Tis the season to show that mom love. 

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Weed Mom

The Canna-Curious Woman's Guide to Healthier Relaxation, Happier Parenting, and Chilling TF Out by Danielle Simon Brand - This book covers everything a mother would want to know about cannabis and feel comfortable exploring the plant on her own. Even for a cannabis connoisseur, this book has a lot to offer. Do you have n new or expectant canna-mom in your life? This will have them laughing and smiling throughout, because this is not a run of the mill "how-to" book. With each page it feels like your BFF is right there smoking a joint with you. This book gives plenty of plant medicine education, while also keeping it light and entertaining.


Speaking of needing to CHILL TF out, you’ve got to try SOCIETY'S PLANT CHILL Mushroom Enhanced CBD tinctures along with a full line of other mushroom blends. The CHILL formulation might be just what they need to wipe out the stress. Why not grab one for you while you’re at it? This blend of adaptogenic and anxiety-reducing herbs will help you improve cognitive performance. This Mushroom Enhanced Tincture is formulated to aid in stress relief and letting that shiitake go!

Life Elements Signature Bath Bomb

Relax in the bathtub with a Life Elements Signature Bath Bomb. This company produces handcrafted products with all-natural ingredients. You can even pick the amount of CBD based on your level of pain or anxiety.

SOCIETY’S PLANT CBD Gummies & Pre-Rolls

Give her a gift that will help elevate mood with plant medicine, in a discreet way. I recommend: SOCIETY CBD Gummies. If you do have a little more time and can smoke CBD-dominant hemp, flower can give immediate relief from anxiety. Check out the SOCIETY Pre-Rolls, available in two strains.

Potency 710 Gold Serum

Too much stress, as well as aging, is trying to take a toll on my face. Potency 710 Gold Serum is packed with plant oils. It’s super-effective and multi-functional - it not only increases skin’s elasticity, but also speeds up cell renewal. I really love it, this is a true skin balancer for every skin type.

SOCIETY High Fashion Smell Proof Locking Clutch 

Parents should use caution in how and where they store their plant medicine products. Know a fashionable mamma that may want to lock away the goods? Then I recommend the High Fashion Smell Proof Locking Clutch by SOCIETY.

High Society Collection

If she rocks a messy mom bun as her main ‘do more than three times a week, we get each other.  Make her feel like a QUEEN with this Weed Queen Crown by High Society Collection. We've also got some great stocking stuffer ideas,  like the High Pony CannaMOM AF Cap and the gold bling CannaMOM AF necklace. I find these are just the right amount of cheeky fun, to strike up a conversation with others about your cannabis use.

Blunt Blow'n Mama

For the CannaMom’s who say it loud and say it proud - and the ones that are ready to join the team - I recommend visiting the Blunt Blow'n Mama's shop for great statement shirts like this: Moms who smoke weed are not bad moms or First I smoke weed & then I do things.

We at The Bluntness are wishing you a safe and healthy holiday season! Need a little more Bluntness in your life? Sign Up for our newsletter to stay in the loop.