YOUR BLUNT TAKE: Cannabis News You May Have Missed For The Week Ending July 10th

The International Church of Cannabis, Denver CO
The International Church of Cannabis, Denver CO | Photo by Nicole Geri on Unsplash

This Week on the BLUNT TAKE: High Times IPO Fail, Two More States Leave it to Voters, Cannabis vs COVID-19, 'Lazy Stoner' Stereotype Debunked (Again) & More.


Arizona and Nebraska Will Likely Decide Marijuana Legalization At The November Ballot Box

These two states appear to be one step closer to letting voters decide marijuana legalization at the ballot box this November. Read about the organizers' exceptional grassroots efforts during a crippling pandemic.


The Importance of Buying Cannabis From POC-Owned Businesses

In this topical story, we highlight Cannaclusive, an organization trying to level the playing field for Black and POC cannabis businesses. Read more.


High Times Tumultuous IPO Shelved Yet Again

The dean of cannabis businesses just can't seem to get it together as their once highly anticipated IPO is shelved again.

Rick Ross & Berner Team on New Marijuana Brand called “COLLINS AVE”

Entertainer and entrepreneur Rick Ross
Entertainer and entrepreneur Rick Ross

Berner, the prolific Bay Area rapper and entrepreneur has launched a new cannabis brand, "COLLINS AVE," in partnership with rap legend, Rick Ross. The duo joins former NBA player Al Harrington and entertainer Method Man in launching new cannabis businesses in the last month.


New Study Among Older Americans Debunks The 'Lazy Stoner' Stereotype

Staying active is important for seniors (and everyone else for that matter) and cannabis may help, says a new University of Colorado Study. Learn more. 

Fighting COVID-19 - Is Cannabis the Silver Bullet?

Researchers from Texas and Nebraska have reported that cannabis may play a positive role in easing the symptoms of patients suffering from COVID-19, particularly lung inflammation. Find the story on The Bluntness.

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