Method Man Launches New Cannabis Business for Social Equity & Change

Method Man's Cannabis Business TICAL Launched in California Black Owned Dispensaries on June 12th
Method Man's Cannabis Business TICAL Launched in California Black Owned Dispensaries on June 12th / Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Racial disparities in the era of cannabis legalization - from the disproportionate arrests of African Americans for marijuana possession to the exclusion of Black entrepreneurs from license approvals and access to capital - are part of the current litany of conversations about America's culture of systemic racism and social injustice. And now, one well known activist/entertainer is entering this discussion with both his brand and financial resources.

Method Man, the award winning rapper, actor, and entrepreneur known for his work with Wu-Tang Clan, launched TICAL, a new cannabis venture looking to support Black ownership and businesses in the cannabis industry, according to Bloomberg News.

Personally, it is essential that we use our brand to help bring awareness to the social, systemic and economic injustice in communities that have struggled with oppressive mass incarceration and racially biased policing policies.

Method Man

TICAL, which takes its name from Method Man's 1994 solo album, is an acronym for "Taking Into Consideration All Lives". Living up to this promise, TICAL launched exclusively this weekend in four California based, Black owned dispensaries including San Francisco's Berner's on Haight, Los Angeles's Litco as well as Empire's Twin Palms Riverside and San Bernardino locations. After the initial rollout, TICAL will look to broaden its distribution in California and eventually nationwide.

TICAL, a premium small batch indoor flower, launched with three strains - Cake, Gelato and Crusher - sourced from craft cannabis grower Clone Guy Industries, which is dedicated to meeting all the health standards that have been raised due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Method Man, whose real name is Clifford Smith, is not the only African American who has entered the cannabis industry. Drake , Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Wyclef Jean , as well as athlete-entrepreneurs Mike Tyson and Al Harrington all have used their businesses to promote social awareness, equality and marijuana legalization.

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