Welcome to Bluntness Kitchen: The Premier Cooking with Cannabis Community for Everyone is Now Open!

The Bluntness Kitchen is now open, and it's totally free.
The Bluntness Kitchen is now open, and it's totally free. /

Can you smell that? Soooo good! Welcome to the Bluntness Kitchen! 

Infused cooking has turned into one of the fastest-growing interests in cannabis. In fact, in the last few weeks, it’s been the focus of stories in The New York Times and CBS Sunday Morning News – exposing a secret world that’s actually been baking for years.

As cannabis becomes legal and accepted in more and more places, people are infusing food for themselves, friends, and families, evolving into a true culinary art. Cannabis chefs are also creating their own lines of products and starting their own cannabis restaurants and lounges – and infused dining experiences are now becoming legitimate date nights and breaks from reality.

The culture around cooking with cannabis is very real, and people are yearning  for a place to connect, learn, share, and celebrate infused cooking together.

Enter the Bluntness Kitchen!

The Bluntness Kitchen is a brand new, culinary-focused community like none other – where top chefs, home chefs, and the simply curious, come together to share, learn, and inspire each other over cannabis-infused cooking.

Starting today, everyone who signs up for the Bluntness Kitchen can obtain free, members-only access to learn from top chefs, feast on mouthwatering recipes, find new products and brands, and of course, engage with an incredible community, access exclusive content, and much more.

The Bluntness Kitchen scouted out the best cannabis chefs in the nation who have joined as Charter Chefs and are already cooking up a storm. Inside the Bluntness Kitchen, you’ll meet, engage with, and learn from the best, including: 

  • Chef Charleen Caabay, The People’s Dispensary
  • Chef Sebastian Carosi, Camp Ruderalis
  • Chef Chris Binotto, Cannabis Supper Club
  • Chef Roilty, Dine with Roilty
  • Chef Hawaii Mike, Chef For Higher
  • Chef Phil Frederick, Kush Kitchen
  • Chef Teresa Hansen, High Vibe Kitchen Collective
  • Chef Danielle Duran Zecca,  Amiga Amorela
  • Home Chef Anthony Jenkins Jr, Next Level Edibles 
  • With many others joining us in the Bluntness Kitchen all the time!

Bluntness Kitchen Chefs have already started sharing amazing recipes. Imagine sitting down for these infused masterpieces:

  • Wild Oysters in the Nude with Anvil Angry Water (Carosi)
  • Vietnamese “Laughing Buddha” Fresh Rolls (Carosi)
  • Glazed Honey Garlic Salmon (Roilty)
  • Mango Infused Hot Sauce (Caabay)
  • Cinnamon Rolls with Browned Butter Cream Cheese Frosting (Jenkins)
  • Firelit Coffee Liqueur Ice Cream (Jenkins)
  • Green Tea White Chocolates (Carosi)
wild oysters
Straight from Chef Carosi's kitchen to yours. /

Hungry yet?

“The Bluntness Kitchen is such a dope concept. With it being on a major cannabis platform it only makes it better to get the word and knowledge out to the community,” says Chef Caabay.

Education is always key when it comes to creating something new with cannabis. People are so curious, and they want to learn, she notes.

“I wanted to be part of Bluntness Kitchen because it aligns with my values on educating and teaching folks how to consume wisely. This platform gives us Chefs and patrons a space to engage with each other with no limitations on what people can share and learn.”

Anthony Jenkins Jr joined Bluntness Kitchen for similar reasons. “Cannabis edibles need a platform where newbies and seasoned enthusiasts can interact, learn, and share their creations. Edibles is a culture. And Bluntness Kitchen is that platform that is driving that culture,” he says.

“I joined this community because I believe in the culture and want to see it flourish and grow. I hope that this community is successful in shifting the world's perception of what an edible can be.”

If you enjoy dipping your beak into amazing new ways chefs infuse their creations with cannabis, you’re going to love the Bluntness Kitchen!

Join Bluntness Kitchen today to connect with cannabis chefs from all backgrounds across the U.S., as well as other community members who share your passion and curiosity for infused cuisine.

See you inside!