The Art of Cooking with Cannabis: A Cookbook Review

Cooking with cannabis doesn't have to be intimidating.
Cooking with cannabis doesn't have to be intimidating. /

Featuring 125 mouthwatering cannabis-infused recipes, Tracey Medeiros’s The Art of Cooking with Cannabis is more than just a cookbook – it’s an educational resource surrounding cannabis, food, and responsible consumption. 

Medeiros’s book fuses the culinary world with cannabis and proves to readers exactly how versatile and beneficial the plant can be.

The Art of Cooking with Cannabis is now available as Medeiros’s fifth cookbook. The author has previously written on non-GMO and farm-to-table cooking, and she brings this experience to The Art of Cooking with Cannabis with organic farmers, award-winning chefs, artisans, and food producers throughout the country weighing in and bringing their own perspective on cooking with cannabis to the table.

“A comprehensive and delicious look at the endless possibilities of the cannabis kitchen, The Art of Cooking with Cannabis brings together the farm-to-table movement and cannabis in a new and unique way,” said Rachel Burkons, co-founder of Altered Plates, in a review. 

“What really sets this cookbook apart from the pack is Mederios’s detailed storytelling that examines each recipe’s inspiration and tells each chef’s story, while connecting them to the farmers behind the food. In this way, Mederios brings the farm-to-table movement to cannabis.”

Recipes are divided into three categories of infusion: CBD, hemp, and THC, each adapted to meet the reader’s cooking and tolerance levels. The cookbook also offers insightful sidebars with informative tips and “how-to” guidance to help you begin cooking with cannabis confidently and effectively.

From chemistry to culinary, there are a variety of recipe types featuring traditional cuisines from all over the country: appetizers, snacks, main courses, desserts, dips, sauces, salads, cocktails, and more – all infused with some form of our favorite herb. 

You’ll definitely enjoy making your way through all 125 recipes of The Art of Cooking with Cannabis, but here are our top five recipes from the coveted cookbook you absolutely must try for yourself:

Chicken Kale Meatballs with Cherry Tomato and Pesto Sauces from Chef Jordan Wagman

Inspired by an Italian palate, Chef Jordan Wagman’s Chicken Kale Meatballs with Cherry Tomato and Pesto Sauces is warm, welcoming, and infused with CBD. This recipe is bursting with flavor and super easy to prepare: your meatballs will be done in as little as 25 minutes if you work efficiently.

Since it’s just infused with CBD, no need to worry about overdoing it and rendering yourself glued to the couch for the rest of the evening – although if you’re taking pharmaceutical medication, you may want to double check with your doctor that there are no potential contraindications with that and CBD (kind of like how grapefruit interacts with certain meds).

As long as you’re utilizing the cannabinoid safely and responsibly, you’ll enjoy the mood boost and recognized benefits of the cannabinoid artfully infused in your delicious meal. 

Avocado Mash with Nori and Cucumber from Chef Michael Magliano

Another simple recipe with less than 10 ingredients is Chef Michael Magliano’s Avocado Mash with Nori and Cucumber. A refreshing appetizer, this dish is infused with CBD extra-virgin olive oil and hemp seeds. You can also top an entrée with this mash to add a brightness and heat to your culinary experience. 

Sh’mac and Cheese from Carly Fisher

With 21.87 mg of THC per serving, edible expert Carly Fisher’s Sh’mac and Cheese is definitely not for beginners. This creamy, delicious, cheesy goodness is infused with a quarter ounce of shatter, one of the most potent forms of cannabis to date. 

You can definitely adjust the recipe according to your tolerance level, but if you’re brand new to cannabis, even a tiny amount of shatter could have a serious effect on you. Go low and slow if you can, because this sh’mac and cheese is so delicious, you could easily overindulge if you’re not too careful – even seasoned consumers!

CBD-Infused Iced Green Tea with Cheese Milk from Fallon Keplinger 

This cookbook features a wide variety of delicious drinks, but the one that stood out to us most is Fallon Keplinger’s CBD-Infused Iced Green Tea with Cheese Milk. Keplinger tried the tea for the first time in Kyoto, Japan, and she described the drink as tasting like “a slice of green tea-infused cheesecake.”

Keplinger decided to recreate the process at home, adding in a key ingredient: CBD. The most time-consuming piece of the recipe is making the iced green tea, which will have to cool for at least 1 hour before you plan to serve, but once you have that ready, the rest is quite simple.

Blackberry Cobbler from Chef Unika Noiel

The ultimate sweet tooth pleaser is Chef Unika Noiel’s Blackberry Cobbler, featuring cannabis-infused butter and sugar. Picking blackberries is a fond memory from Noiel’s childhood, and she weaves this lovely anecdote into a mouthwatering, sweet and tangy recipe, just in time for summer. 

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