Cannabis Edibles: How to Choose the Best of the Industry

If you're a first-timer, start small with cannabis edibles -- and go slow.
If you're a first-timer, start small with cannabis edibles -- and go slow. / Photo by Margo Amala on Unsplash

Contributed by Irene Stepanenko, CEO at AskGrowers

According to the statistics, legal cannabis sales have spiked during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since coronavirus is a respiratory illness that affects the lungs, doctors are concerned that individuals who inhale marijuana through a vape, joint, pipe, or bong are at a risk for pneumonia. Scientists assume that smokers with underlying lung conditions, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and emphysema, have a higher risk of COVID-19.

As combustible and aerosolized methods of marijuana consumption introduce carcinogens to the lungs, doctors warn people that using cannabis vapes, e-cigarettes, and other forms of smoking aren't a good idea now. Therefore, those who can't give up their cannabis habit have started consuming more edible products. As cannabis-infused food removes the risk of lung disease, people prefer buying cannabis edibles to relieve anxiety, insomnia, or chronic pain in times of coronavirus.

Types of Edibles


Tasty sour gummies remain among the most popular cannabis edibles of all time as they come in an assortment of flavors, shapes, and potencies. Gummies are precisely dosed and easy to carry around with you. They are usually produced from evenly balanced hybrid strains, so gummies are suitable for anytime use.


Almost everybody loves some kind of chocolate. No matter whether you prefer dark, white, or milk chocolate, you can find a wide array of chocolates precisely dosed with different cannabis strains. Today, the market offers whole nut, peppermint, or whatever your heart desires, chocolate with Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid kick. Choose the one depending on the effects you want to get.


A lot of people like consuming granola in bars, cereals, or even sprinkled over salads. If you are one of them, why not try potent cannabis-coated granola? Granola products must be accurately pre-dosed so they are a perfect edible for those caring about their health and eating habits. You can also choose among Sativa, Indica, and hybrid options available on the market.

Baked edibles

Today, there is a huge variety of baked cannabis-infused goods on offer. Not only chocolate brownies but muffins, scones, cakes, tarts, and even quiches with marijuana are sold nowadays. Eat baked edibles slowly in small portions as it takes some time for them to produce the effects.

Dried fruit

Different fruits such as bananas, apples, pears, and mangos can be dried with a potent cannabutter. They are usually sold in packs per 10 or 20 dosed pieces. Like gummies, they are also easy to carry around in pockets or bags. You can share them with friends or use them discreetly.


If you want to make edibles yourself, cannabutter could be the perfect medium for it. In California, homemade edibles have become a health trend, so you can find cannabutter at any marijuana dispensary there.

How to choose the best edibles

When choosing the right edible for your needs, consider the type of experience you want to get from cannabis consumption. Decide whether you want to chill out and reduce stress or relieve some pain. After you identify your purpose, buy those products that help to meet your needs.

For instance, if you’re seeking to relieve pain but stay active throughout the day, you should buy an edible that’s high in CBD and low in THC. You can buy them online at or for $10-$60 depending on the type of preferred edible and its amount. Products with high CBD content are supposed to relieve pain and anxiety. As they’re low in THC, you’ll be able to function effectively and complete your daily tasks. But in case you need to chill out and get high, choose a product with high THC levels at There are many other online shops available on the web, so go to the one that is the most convenient for you.

It’s not a problem where to get edibles, the question is how to avoid buying low-quality products. In order not to have a bad experience, consider the following tips:

  • Find out what type of marijuana product was used for infusion.
  • Ask what relationship your dispensary has with the brand.
  • Be careful with infusions made with stems and other undesirable by-products.
  • Check cannabinoid percentages before buying edibles.

One of the most common issues you may face is old plant matter used for edibles. If a company uses an old flower to create infusions, the product has a high level of CBN which leads to drowsiness and lethargic behavior when consumed. Make sure you buy edibles made from fresh cannabis so they offer you the desired experience.

Another problem you may face with edibles is a headache after ingestion. It may occur because of high sugar content in the product or poor starting material, such as stems or fan leaf. Therefore, shop only at reputable dispensaries that sell products made from high-quality ingredients.

Buying edibles requires market research that you shouldn't neglect. Some dispensaries offer vendor days and pop-ups, so you can visit such events for a face-to-face consultation with representatives of different brands and ask them questions in order to get information directly from the source and choose some great deals in the process.

As you see, you have a wide variety of cannabis-infused products to choose from. Depending on your preferences and needs, you can buy waffles, chocolates, cookies, gummies, or hard candies. With a little effort and determination, you’ll find the product that suits you best.

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