Green Crack: Strain History, Effects, Benefits, and Cultivation

Have you ever tried Green Crack? The strain seems hard to find these days...
Have you ever tried Green Crack? The strain seems hard to find these days... /

Green Crack is a legendary cannabis strain and one of the original sativas that gained worldwide acclaim.

People love it for its unique taste, uplifting effects, and overall experience. With its long standing reputation, Green Crack is probably one of the many reasons that people associate sativas with happy daytime effects versus the indicas that people consider for a sleepy nighttime feel.

Throughout time, the strain has disappeared from shelves as the world of “exotic” hybrids takes over cannabis, but some legacy growers have been looking to bring it back as the market begins to crave historical cannabis strains again.

Here are some details about the famous sativa.

What is Green Crack and where did it come from?

Green Crack is a sativa that’s been around since way back in the late ‘80s, early ‘90s. There is often debate around who originally bred the strain, but as far as the internet says, this strain was created by a breeder named Cecil B. (or Cecil C.) out in Athens, Ohio.

Legend has it that the cultivar was originally called Green Cush, however, in the early 2000s, Snoop Dogg got his hands and lungs on it, then deemed the potent sativa Crack, Green Crack, because of its super duper head high. And so Green Cush became Green Crack forever more.

Being such an older strain, it’s pretty hard to pinpoint Green Crack’s exact genetics. The sativa is commonly believed to be a cross between a Skunk #1 hybrid, named 1989 Super Sativa Seed Club Skunk #1, and an Afghani landrace indica. You can peep Leafly, Weedmaps, and Wikileaf for their varying genetic guesses.

Since its birth, Green Crack has gone on to win multiple Cannabis Cups. The strain won 3rd place for Best Sativa at the Denver High Times Cannabis Cup in 2015. In 2017, Rolling Stones named Green Crack one of the top five cannabis strains of the year.

How to grow Green Crack

If you want to find Green Crack, it’ll be pretty hard. It’s not exactly flooding shelves like Gelato crosses, so instead of buying from a store, your best bet might be to grow it yourself. Peep online seed banks like Cali Connection and Growers Choice for seeds. Or, if you can find a Green Crack clone somewhere, even better (since you won’t have to phenohunt).

Historically, Green Crack has been a pretty easy strain for people to grow. As a sativa, it's expected to grow best outdoors in warm climates and takes a little while to flower.

An infographic from Leafly suggests that Green Crack’s flowering time is about 8 weeks with a moderate-to-high yield. Renowned strains database Seedfinder agrees that when grown outdoors, Green Crack is a high yield. So basically, if you plan on growing this strain at home, put it in the backyard, treat it right, and watch your plant(s) flourish. 

The Green Crack effects and experience 

Green Crack comes through with a variety of flavors. Some phenotypes have an earthy, somewhat sour aroma and flavor to them; some have a somewhat tangy and mango flavor to them; other Green Cracks have a spicy smell and taste to them. Like all cannabis, the final product largely depends on who grew the Green Crack, where, and how.

Green Crack is wildly famous for its energetic, cerebral effects. That’s why you’ll find it on every “best sativa strains” or “best daytime strains” list you could ever find on Google. Because of its perceived effects, Green Crack is thought to be an essential strain in treating medical patients that are fighting stress, depression, and fatigue. It’s one of those strains that gets people up and moving with a smile on their face.

While these are the effects people traditionally expect from Green Crack, it’s important to remember that each human reacts to cannabis differently. We all have endocannabinoid systems that process weed compounds differently, which means that Green Crack might be uplifting and happy for you, but sedative and sleepy for others. Do not come for me if you smoke Green Crack to get hyped for a 5K run, but it actually makes you want to sleep for 5 hours. Our relationships with cannabis are all individualistic. 

Why you should smoke Green Crack

In the end, more than 30 years after it popped on the scene, Green Crack is still one of the most searched cannabis strains in the world. It’s a sign that legends truly never die in a world of Wedding Cake, Apple Fritter, Gelato, and other extremely hybridized cannabis strains. That’s because no matter what, Green Crack is still damn good. 

You should smoke Green Crack if you love sativas. You should smoke (or vape) Green Crack if you’re feeling down and uninspired emotionally, or physically sluggish. You should smoke Green Crack if you want a strain that pairs greatly with outdoor activities like hiking and biking. You should smoke Green Crack if you want a strain that pairs greatly with indoor activities like making sketchbooks and whipping up Bob Ross-caliber paintings. You should smoke Green Crack if after all these years of cannabis, all you want is to taste a true piece of history and culture.

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