Curious Cultivars: Why is Gelatti from Cookies Such a Popular Strain?

Gelatti is another famous strain from the folks over at Cookies.
Gelatti is another famous strain from the folks over at Cookies. / Image from Cookies

Update: As of January 26, 2023, Cookies seems to have pulled this strain from its lineup.

Another day, another Cookies cultivar that you’ve heard the hype around. You know that a lot of the strains they put out are undeniably high quality, and because of that, you’re curious about what Gelatti might be like. 

The good news is we know this cultivar quite well, so if you’d like to know where the strain comes from, how it tastes, and if Gelatti is a head high or body high, you’ve come to the right place.

What is the Gelatti cannabis strain?

Gelatti is another famous strain from the folks over at Cookies. If you’re unfamiliar with them, Cookies is the brand responsible for some of the most popular, in-demand, strains in the world. 

They bred the original Girl Scout Cookies, and are responsible for modern favorites like Georgia Pie, Gary Payton, and many more. Gelatti is one of their most recent products in the past couple of years.

Gelatti is a cross of Gelato and Biscotti. Like many Cookies strains, its appearance features dense green buds that are stacked with purple accents and a whole flurry of trichomes. Gelatti is held in high regard for its invigorating effects and extremely unique flavor profile.

How to grow Gelatti

With Gelatti being exclusive to the Cookies library, there isn’t much information out there about how to grow it right now. Unless you’re connected to the Fam, or know someone that is, you’re not going to be able to find seeds or clones of Gelatti yet. 

At some point, like all strains, they’ll find their way to the mainstream, which will flood the market with a variety of Gelatti types. By then, Cookies will probably be done producing the cultivar.

How does Gelatti smell and taste

Though the effects of this strain are great, its terpene profile is really what it’s known for. People love the smell and taste of Gelatti. 

Influenced by both Gelato and Biscotti attributes, Gelatti comes forward with a combination of fruity, creamy, and mostly gassy fragrances. Picture a gas-dominant Gelato type of aroma; that’s pretty much what you get with Gelatti. Some people detect herbal accents as well. 

On the taste, you’ll detect heavy gas flavors, mixed in with the typical earthiness of cannabis. Cookies describes the Gelatti aroma as gassy OG and strong menthol with a slight gelato finish, and the Gelatti flavor as musky OG menthol with a sweet exhale.

All of these aromas and flavors are a product of Gelatti’s terpene profile. Leafly’s verified strain data suggests that Gelatti’s terps are dominant in caryophyllene, limonene, and linalool.

What do Gelatti’s effects feel like 

Gelatti’s terps are awesome, but what really makes the strain special is the effects after consuming it. Whether as flower or concentrate, Gelatti usually hits with a pretty balanced high. What that means is that you can smoke it at any time of day and not feel too bogged down by it. 

On Leafly, Gelatti’s top three most reported effects are happy, relaxed, and euphoric. On Weedmaps, Gelatti’s top three most reported effects are energetic, aroused, and uplifted. Because of it having such cerebrally stimulating effects, most people prefer to use Gelatti during active daytime hours.

In addition to its positive effects, consuming Gelatti comes with the normal downsides of cannabis use: dry mouth, red eyes, and potential dizziness for those who have absolutely no experience with cannabis. The best way to avoid these is to stay hydrated, and consume responsible amounts of Gelatti.

Is Gelatti a body high or head high?

With all cannabis, it’s important to remember that the effects vary by person. What’s a head high for you could be a body high for others. Some highs could also be both. This is because we all have individual endocannabinoid systems that process cannabis compounds a certain way. That said, reviews on Gelatti indicate that the effects usually hit the head, but can also become a full-bodied experience for some.

Leafly reviewer M........4 says “[Gelatti] first hits go to my head and then knees and feet taking all physical and mental pain away. I’m relaxed but I’m not tired. I fall asleep when I want but I’m not that sleepy. I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. At this time I can’t think of a better high.

Leafly reviewer D........y says Gelatti’s effects are “A full bodied, uplifting sensation overtakes your body as you exhale this wonderful strain.”

A third Leafly reviewer 9........m suggests that Gelatti is “Simply delicious for the mind. An intense, floaty cerebral + body high that makes me feel like a bee that's drunk on honey.”

The best way to know how Gelatti’s cannabinoids and terpenes will affect your body is to consume it and journal about the way you feel. Different doses of cannabis can provide different experiences, so make sure to pay attention to how much you smoke as well. Do that and you’re sure to get an accurate read on if the Gelatti strain is for you or not.

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