Creative Legend David Korins to Lead Cannabition Cannabis Museum at Planet 13

David Korins has worked on big  projects such as Hamilton, BeetleJuice on Broadway, Van Gogh in NYC, and more.
David Korins has worked on big projects such as Hamilton, BeetleJuice on Broadway, Van Gogh in NYC, and more. / Image from Cannabition Instagram

The Cannabition Cannabis Museum is going all out for its upcoming Plant 13 project in Las Vegas.

At MJ Unpacked last week, the team announced that the Emmy Award-winning David Korins is joining the project as creative director.

Korins’s previous projects include the likes of Hamilton, the Van Gogh Exhibit in NYC, BeetleJuice on Broadway, Bonaroo, and much more.

In other words, Cannabition is going to rock your face off in Las Vegas. Cannabis education, history and activism like we’ve never seen it.

Korins took the stage at MJ Unpacked in New York last week to discuss the project.

“What’s incredible about this opportunity is that we are going to be able to make a whole world, a constellation of events, in Las Vegas, and be able to amplify the brands that exist inside that [throughout] Las Vegas and other markets,” Korins said, as reported by Honeysuckle Magazine.

He talked about the challenge of bringing early American history to the masses with Hamilton and reinvigorating the legacy of Van Gogh.

“I think it’s important to remember that Cannabition is the same kind of flashpoint opportunity. There are a bunch of people in a room talking about incredibly, incredibly exciting IP, and how we pour gasoline on this burning ember,” said Korins, who has also worked with Lady Gaga, Kanye West, and Elton John.

“I’m humbled and honored about this partnership… I only want to work on things that can be top shelf in this industry. That’s my goal – to bring premium experiences to life.”

Addressing Cannabis Knowledge Gaps with Style

It’s great to learn that David Korins, one of the most notable creative directors of our time, is a cannabis fan.

Even better is the promise of the Cannabition Cannabis Museum and the impact it could have on eradicating cannabis stigma and filling knowledge gaps – all in Las Vegas, one of the country’s top tourism destinations.

Set to open in January 2023, the Cannabition project has been quiet for a few years since its soft opening in 2020, when they showcased the world’s largest bong.

The wait was absolutely worth it.

Whatever David Korins and team come up with, it will likely be way more meaningful than a 24-foot bong.

"We are so thrilled to have David on board. We wanted to make sure we produce a space that's fun and engaging but that also connects with people on an emotional level, to open up this larger conversation about cannabis,” the Cannabition team noted.

“It's a quickly growing industry and we want to give proper attention to the history of cannabis as well as the impact it's had on social equity. Given the gravity of the work, we knew we needed to find top talent that also aligned with our greater mission, and that was David Korins.”

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