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The Lonely Stoner? What to do When Weed Makes You Antisocial

At some point, too much cannabis can lead to diminishing returns.
At some point, too much cannabis can lead to diminishing returns. /

Many people can relate to the experience of “hitting a wall” socially. Introverts, you especially know what I mean. But when self-enforced isolation is weed-induced, does that mean it’s time to reconsider a few habits or routines? Maybe even take a break from weed entirely?

Cannabis has long been negatively associated with laziness and haziness, and although that isn’t always the case with cannabis consumers, it also isn’t that far off from the truth if you haven’t optimized your regimen. 

Too much cannabis at once can result in potentially undesirable effects, like lightheadedness, couch lock, and general antisocialness that can leave you wanting nothing more than to chill out at home.

When this becomes part of one’s daily routine, maybe it’s time to shake things up.

How to Cope When Cannabis Puts You in a Rut

The plant has a wide variety of potential benefits for consumers: like anti-insomnia properties, mood boosting elements, and chronic pain relief, but it’s important to look out for the negative effects that may accompany regular over-consumption.

Depending on you, your tolerance level, and your genetic makeup, and other varying factors, over-consumption can look very different, but heavy consumers may eventually experience lightheadedness, slight paranoia, couch lock, or the desire to get away from everyone and sit in silence – much more often than usual.

This antisocial aspect of cannabis in regular users isn’t great, especially if you’re seshing with a group of friends when you find yourself going mute. Thankfully, there are a few ways to cope if this happens to you, but as always, the most important first step to take is to know yourself, know your limit, and listen to your body as closely as possible. 

And of course, a good ol’ tolerance break is always an option.

  • Try smoking in groups or larger social settings.

    If you’re a regular consumer experiencing antisocialness every time you smoke, it might be time to call in some reinforcements – a.k.a., like-minded friends to consume by your side.

    This might help you snap out of the isolation you’ve become so accustomed to, and allow your body to interact with cannabis in a refreshed and rejuvenating manner.
  • Channel your stony silence into a creative project.

    Here’s another way to break out of cannabis-induced stagnation: spread your creative wings and get weird!

    Whether you like to paint, write, draw, create music, knit, or sculpt, there are endless ways to release a little creativity when you’re in that quiet, pensive state. And it’s also a better alternative to doom scrolling on your phone or wasting your high in the YouTube rabbit hole.

    Getting stuck in a heavy cannabis consumption rut can make you feel a little blocked, and forcing that creativity can have a positive impact on your overall state of being.

    Sometimes, allowing yourself to get creative can open up other areas of your mind, which might help you snap out of the antisocial mood – or continue steering right into it to see what you come away with artistically.
  • Exercise your body to release your mind.

    Another great way to snap your body out of stillness is – surprise, surprise – to move. Going for a crisp run, rolling out the yoga mat, or hitting the gym can be incredibly therapeutic, and possibly even more effective if you’re going into it with a clear and quiet mind.

    Working out when your mind is racing can result in a less intense workout, but if you’re in a weed-induced state of calmness, you might be able to push your body harder than usual – just make sure not to overdo it in your hazy state.

    Many athletes channel that weed heaviness into their workouts, and this could act as a great outlet for a regular consumer.
  • Cook a delicious meal.

    Cooking your favorite meal is perfect for when you feel antisocial. Not only does eating food tend to ease the intensity of your high, but the act of preparing a meal can be incredibly therapeutic for someone who doesn’t feel like socializing.

    Whether you’re cooking for friends, family, or yourself, having that time alone in the kitchen can allow you to get centered and utilize the weed-induced heaviness while you create something beautiful.
  • Be mindful of the present moment.

    Sometimes when you’re feeling quiet, the best thing you can do is just to tune in and pay attention.

    Whether that looks like meditating, stretching, mindful breathwork, or some other combination, this can help you get out of your head and back into the moment. Sometimes, the intensity of the high is more imagined than you realize, even with regular consumption, and tuning into reality can help you remove yourself from the intense feelings and get a little more grounded. 
  • Take a tolerance break.

    Finally, if you’re feeling antisocial while on weed and none of the above is working, you might just need to take a little break.

    It doesn’t have to be long; even a few days can make a world of a difference in cannabis potency for heavy consumers. This small shake-up in your routine could help rewire your high experience, and the longer you can hold out, the more powerful your return to the plant will be.

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