Top 10 Ways to Cleanse Your System of THC

Need to flush the THC out of your body in a hurry? It's helpful to know what you can try and what to avoid.
Need to flush the THC out of your body in a hurry? It's helpful to know what you can try and what to avoid. /

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If you're on this page, then there is a good chance you're looking for ways to cleanse your system of THC before a test. Despite gaining additional legal access in many states, consumers in the U.S. still have to worry about losing everything, from their job to their family, if caught with pot. Thankfully, there are methods to passing a drug test, even if consuming cannabis. 

A THC cleanse is a highly suggested way to purify your system in the lead up to a drug screening. In short, a THC detox helps ensure that cannabis won't show up on a test.  

First-timers and newcomers alike may be asking, 'how to cleanse THC out of your system?' We're here to provide the answer to what is a typically straightforward yet multi-step process. 

Top Ten Ways to Cleanse THC From Your System

People will go to all sorts of lengths to rid themselves of toxins. Some go the natural route and withhold consuming any items that may cause any issues. Others reach for an array of beverages to flush out their system. And others opt for products that expedite the THC cleansing process.

Some swear by one. Others choose many. For most, a combination of the following could do the trick, as they help flush the body of toxins while replenishing any key nutrients lost in the process.

THC Cleanse Checklist

When used together, the following checklist serves as the top approaches to a THC cleanse.

1. Abstain from Toxins

Steering clear of all toxins is a must. Doing so allows the body to begin the detox process. While it detoxes, it is crucial not to replenish the body with any toxins. Avoid any THC products that reach the bloodstream, from flowers to edibles. 

You may want to avoid CBD as well. While the cannabinoid is mostly legal, many U.S. CBD products use up to .3% THC.

2. Drink Lots of Water


Long before cleanses and detoxes, people hung onto hope that drinking enough water could flush their body free of toxins. Some still swear that the method worked for them, but others have experienced an opposite result. 

While you can't rely on water solely, many believe it helps with a THC cleanse. Just don't get sick from over-consuming.

3. Sweat It Out

A cycle of drinking and sweating has been a reliable method for scores of consumers. Like drinking water, sweating is believed to help flush toxins from the body, allowing for a quicker cleanse. By getting into a drinking-sweating rhythm, the hydration-sweat cycle should help aid in the cleansing. 

Get yourself sweating by raising your body's internal temperature. Any physical activity will do. Hot kitchens can do the trick. So too can a stint in the sauna or wearing heavy layers of clothing. Whatever gets your heart beating a little quicker should work. Find your favorite healthy option and start sweating.

4. Exercise

man in exercise clothes tying shoe

There are several ways to get sweating, but few, if any, have the same health benefits as exercise. Not only does working out get your temperature up quickly, but a good workout can also help promote healthy heart activity while benefiting various parts of the body, depending on the exercises chosen. 

Consider going the boxer or wrestler route, trying to make weight and layer up on sweats. Be sure to do so only if medically safe.

5. Eat Fruits and Veggies High in Antioxidants

Among several vitamins and minerals, a diet rich in antioxidants is believed to be one of the best options for having a successful THC cleanse. Antioxidant-rich foods can be found all over the grocery store, including dark chocolate, nuts, berries, and a variety of veggies, including artichokes, kale and celery. Meat eaters can find their source in Omega-3-rich options, like wild salmon.

In addition to helping with antioxidants, fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of other key nutrients--which is never bad to consume.

6. Drink Cranberry Juice


Beverages, be it cranberry juice, water or otherwise, are always popular recommendations for a THC cleanse. So, why not both? Consuming loads of 100 percent cranberry juice will surely have you visiting the bathroom more, but there is also a belief that it helps flush toxins from the body--with some reporting successful results after less than a week. 

Be sure to only consume 100 percent cranberry juice. The cranberry cocktail mixed drinks are high in sugar and can actually slow the detox process! 

While it isn't a worthwhile bet on its own, cranberry juice might help flush the body before the big test.

7. Detox Drinks

Detox drinks help flush the body of any unwanted toxins. Taking effect in just 90 minutes and lasting up to six hours, detox drinks are made to suit any need--ranging from the person who has weeks to prepare to the poor soul staring down the barrel of a surprise drug test in just a few hours. 

While sweating and eating right all help with cleansing, detox drinks are most effective for the process, especially when choosing one made just for the job. For a trusted same-day detox drink solution, consider the Fail Safe Kit from

8. Drink (or Swallow) Green Tea

green tea

Like other beverages on the list, you'd have to drink a staggering, unhealthy amount of green tea to complete a cleanse on its own. However, the antioxidant properties in green tea make it a viable component of a THC cleanse. 

Instead of a glass of tea, some suggest a green tea tablet, believing that it helps enhance the cleansing process. 

Whichever option is chosen, be sure not to assume much from green tea on its own.

9. Detox Kits

detox kits

Instead of relying on possible solutions, opt for a kit made specifically for cleanses and passing drug tests. Detox kits are ideal for ridding the body of unwanted toxins, whether it be for an impending drug test or otherwise. A quality kit should come with all that's needed to cleanse and ensure the results have occurred. That means only choosing a kit that comes with safe ingredients, as well as home testing kits.

10. Reset Your Body

Sleep is the body's solution to just about anything--it is incredible what rest can do. The same applies to THC cleanses and detoxes. Getting the proper amount of rest allows the body to rest and recover during a cleanse and the several steps that can come with it. It is always wise to get the right amount of sleep, but it is much more critical when flushing toxins and working up sweats. 

Don't push yourself to get sick. Always rest and recover whenever needed.

Final Thoughts

One can use several methods to cleanse their body of any toxins ahead of a drug test. That said, relying on one or two isn't likely to do the trick. Instead, it takes several methods working together to succeed. 

The good news is that THC detoxes are possible, even under the most pressing of timeframes. Not sure which is right for your situation? Answer five quick questions to determine which product is best for you during your upcoming test.