Business Advice: Green God's Wellness

Antonina Green, Green God's Wellness
Antonina Green, Green God's Wellness

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The following cannabis business advice comes from Antonina, founder of Green God's Wellness. This thoughtful cannapreneur is dedicated to helping others find healing through the power of cannabis. 

For more on Antonina, her practice and offerings including yoga, Better Than Therapy - an online cannabis program - and "The Cypher," a Global Cannabis Community for people healing with cannabis, find her on Instagram here

We asked Antonina to share her advice with fellow cannabis lovers trying to make a career out of their passion. This is what she had to say: 

"Connect with why you're doing this, and reconnect with it daily. If your intention isn't pure or aligned for the highest good of the people and the planet, your "Cannabusiness" will fall flat and not really get anywhere.

This is about truly helping people and the planet, whatever your reason is. But make it about your personal connection so others can relate, like why cannabis and why get into the business in the first place? If it's for the money, overtime that will be obvious and there will be people with integrity that will thrive over some quick product that was made to make a buck. People want to know that what you're offering, whether product, service, event or community actually helps them, heals them, or allows them to be themselves and connect with what's real.

If you can cultivate connection with one person through your work with cannabis, then celebrate that. Don't worry about collaborating with a bunch of people. Cannabis will lead you and your soul in the direction its meant to go, and it will help you create an amazing business as well, if your intention is pure.

Remember, help people and the planet thrive, and you'll do great. Share what you know through experience, not by someone else told you, it's obvious. Good luck!"