How Long Does One Hit of Weed Stay in Your System

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How long does one hit of weed stay in your system? You are probably concerned about an upcoming drug test if you're asking this question. Perhaps not something you’d normally fret over, but after taking a hit off a joint last weekend, you are now in full-blown panic mode. Will I lose my job? Could one hit of weed make me fail a drug test? 

In short—don’t panic. We’ve got plenty of information about what factors influence THC detection time and what you can do to pass a drug test.

Factors Influencing Timeline

Weed doesn’t affect all people the same. You’ve probably noticed that two people smoking the same joint might have very different results. For example, one friend might immediately head to the couch for a nap, another might suddenly erupt with boundless energy, and yet a third may be raiding your fridge in an attempt to quell the insatiable appetite known as “munchies.” 

In addition to the varying effects of getting high, our bodies detox at different paces. There are several factors influencing detection time that can help you develop the best plan to pass a drug test.

Not all Cannabis Is the Same

It’s simple logic that smoking an entire joint to oneself will result in more THC in your system than taking only one hit. However, the product's potency determines not just how high you’ll get, but how long the THC metabolites will remain in your system. Most cannabis flower contain between 15-30% THC. That might sound like a lot, but compare it to cannabis extracts in a vape pen. Much of the oil used to fill a vape cartridge contains upwards of 60% THC, sometimes even more than 90%. So, it makes sense that you would get much more stoned and therefore process more THC when smoking a vape pen than smoking raw flower. 

The same rule applies to edibles, which are typically infused with cannabis extract—the more potent the product, the more THC in your system. In theory, you could likely detox faster from smoking an entire joint than you might from taking two or three hits off of a highly potent vape pen. That said, one hit of weed contains a minimal amount of THC.

Not all People Are the Same

Just as weed affects people differently when it comes to physiological and mental effects, it also detoxes at varying rates. For example, when our bodies digest THC, it is turned into a metabolite stored in our fat cells. As we metabolize fat through daily activity or exercise, the THC metabolites are released back into the bloodstream and eventually excreted via urine or feces. 

People with a higher body fat percentage tend to hold onto THC metabolites longer and burn them slower than people with less body fat. Additionally, age is a big determining factor in detox time. Our vital detox organs like the liver, kidneys, and intestines slow down as we age. This results in a slower detoxification process than we need to flush THC. 

As with all detox efforts, our body has a better chance of functioning optimally when we are healthy. That means staying hydrated with clean water, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining an active lifestyle. These factors work together to determine how quickly you can detox from THC

How Long Does One Hit of Weed Stay in Your System

Sure, if you smoke weed every day, you’re probably going to fail any drug test. But what if you just smoked a little bit? Will that one hit of weed be detectable in your system? There’s a chance you could fail depending on the drug test.

Urine: THC is detectable in urine for up to 30 days. However, this applies to regular, moderate to heavy users. One hit of weed will probably only show up on urinalysis for a few days. 

Blood: Blood tests can detect weed for a few hours up to one day. After a hit of weed, it is most detectable within the first three hours but quickly leaves the bloodstream. 

Saliva: A saliva drug test is the most challenging test to beat with little notice. THC metabolites are detectable in saliva for up to 24 hours after last use, and if tested right after you’ve taken a hit, it will certainly show up. 

Hair Follicle: THC and many other drug metabolites linger in hair follicles for as long as 90 days. No amount of scrubbing or combing will remove the metabolites, and you’ll need a special shampoo to help you detox for this test.  

The Bottom Line

Keep in mind that if your weed use consists of just that one hit just that one time, you probably won’t trigger any significant THC alarms. If you are worried about passing a drug test, the best thing you can do is invest in a trusted detox program to help you flush your system quickly. No matter what your timeline or how much THC you’ve consumed, Pass Your Test has the perfect kit to help you detox.

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