Pssst... Here's How to Get Free Weed

Looking for free cannabis? You might be in luck -- depending on where you live.
Looking for free cannabis? You might be in luck -- depending on where you live. /

An increase in legalized weed is great – until you start getting hit with higher prices. If you’re a dedicated cannabis consumer, one of the most important things for you to know is how to get free weed.

From dispensary freebies to brand samples, there are several different ways to get creative about amassing some free weed – especially if you live in a legal state like California, Washington, or Colorado.

However, there are equal cannabis opportunities to be had throughout the country (if you look hard enough). 

Dispensary Freebies

The easiest way to get free weed usually comes your way with little effort on your part – just visit a dispensary! Most dispensaries offer deals for first-time patients or customers, so if you’re new to the spot, you can almost guarantee you’ll get a little something to sweeten the deal. 

From a free house joint to getting bumped up on the scale to winning free smoking accessories, there are several different ways to win big at a dispensary, but it depends on the location. Make sure to do your research before you go on your next weed run – if you shop smart and sign up for dispensary email lists, you can really maximize your return.

In fact, even if you’re not a first-time customer, most dispensaries will still offer opportunities for you to come away with a little treat. Some spots provide punch cards to patients, which guarantees a special prize after X amount of visits to the clinic. Others offer referral prizes for bringing any new patients to the location. There really are tons of options to come up on some good deals, for seasoned cannabis enthusiasts and newbies alike. 

Free Cannabis for Veterans and Those with Disabilities

Michigan is the state to watch for setting the standard for cannabis COVID relief. Back in April 2020, a group of cannabis business owners and advocates in Montcalm County banded together to provide some aid to veterans and/or people with disabilities. 

Any Montcalm County resident who can prove they served in the military or are on Social Security disability gets a free quarter-ounce of flower, some edibles, and various hemp products that altogether would retail around $150. 

This has been a weekly event since the start of the pandemic. These activists aim to spread awareness and help out those in need during a time where many people have lost their jobs, and therefore access to medical cannabis. 

Cannabis Compassion Programs

Pandemic aside, sometimes we find ourselves down on our luck and struggling financially from time to time. Luckily, many legal states are aware of this and have developed cannabis compassion programs to help out those in need.

Dispensary 33 in Chicago launched their program, which allows for anyone in need to apply for six months of free cannabis assistance. You’re eligible to apply for the program as long as you’re currently receiving need-based government assistance, and registered as a Dispensary 33 patient for at least 120 days. 

People are able to apply twice a year. If approved, you’ll receive $240 worth of store credit each month for a total of six months.

Weed for Good is another cannabis compassion program that aims to help those in financial distress. The program targets anyone with chronic or terminal illnesses who uses medical cannabis as a form of relief and/or medicine.

Berkeley’s Helping Hands, a needs-based cannabis program for Berkeley residents, is another great opportunity for those in need of financial assistance. The program began in 1999 and offers patients two free eighths of cannabis per week.

If you’re a Canadian resident in need of some assistance, Cannalab might be able to help. The brand has created a program to help medical cannabis patients who cannot afford their medicine. The brand commits 5 percent of its sales to the program, which provides patients with regular Rick Simpson oil (RSO) treatments. 

Research for Free Cannabis

With cannabis still illegal on a federal level, there remains a ton of research that still needs to be done on the plant’s effects. If you support the scientific research that goes into the cannabis plant and want to be part of it, you can – and you might also score some free product in the process.

The University of Kentucky is looking for cannabis research opportunities, studying the effects of cannabis on young users. As long as you are 18-34 years of age and use cannabis, you are eligible to apply for an interview. UCLA is also regularly looking for research volunteers, as is Alta Sciences (and they also pay their participants). 

Cannabis Giveaways

Another great way to score some free weed is to keep an eye on cannabis giveaways. Just like any industry, cannabis brands and businesses have to give away a fair amount of their product to garner interest, so take advantage of this as much as you can. From brands’ Instagram giveaways to a simple google search, there are plenty of opportunities to snag online.

Additionally, companies like Seed City and HiLo have ongoing giveaways you can easily apply for online. CBD brand Blue Spruce does a yearly giveaway that leaves one lucky winner with a year’s supply of product, and BATCH, which has recently rebranded, is offering free samples of CBD – as long as you cover the $4 shipping fee. 

Remember to Always Practice Safety

These deals are just the tip of the iceberg, but now that you know where and how to look, the free weed opportunities you’ll begin to come across will surprise you.

Although obtaining free weed is one of life’s simplest pleasures, it’s important to always practice caution when accepting a complimentary treat. When accepting a free offer, always make sure the packaging is unopened and adheres to all cannabis labeling regulations. This guarantees that your product was fully tested and deemed safe for consumption. 

Additionally, make sure to always stick with trusted dispensaries and/or brands that you know and love. While free weed always sounds great, if you believe your product has been tampered with in any way, it just isn’t worth the risk. 

Stay safe, and happy bargaining!

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