Answered: WTF ... are Penis Envy Mushrooms?

Penis envy shrooms are known for the potent psilocybin levels.
Penis envy shrooms are known for the potent psilocybin levels. /

Are Penis Envy Mushrooms Worth the Hype?

Penis envy mushrooms represent one of the world's most potent and widely used psilocybin mushroom strains. They are considered 2-3 times more potent than other strains of Psilocybe cubensis (cubes) and are mostly used for their therapeutic roles for addiction, mental health disorders, anxiety, and depression.  

The name “Penis envy” originated from the unusual growth pattern of its fruiting body that looks like the penis. Contrary to some common myths about the strains, the name “penis envy” has nothing to do with the male reproductive system. 

People who use Penis envy mushrooms have reported an intense, visual, and euphoric experience even after microdosing. This can be linked to the high psilocybin content in the mushroom strain. Penis envy mushrooms feature an average of 30-50 percent psilocybin potency, making them one of the market's most popular and highly sought-after magic mushroom strains. 

Although mostly considered illegal in most regions of the world, magic mushrooms have enjoyed a good level of publicity and public acceptance. Even with few favorable laws, the shroom industry is making giant strides, and breaking stigma against magic mushrooms. While the subject of psilocybin legality is a major point of debate, the popularity of magic mushrooms, especially penis envy strains, keeps increasing. 

On average, over 15 million Americans are already self-medicating with psychedelic mushrooms for mental health. This acceptance was mostly triggered by reports suggesting the possible use of psilocybin and its sister molecule (psilocin) for over 20 medical conditions, including mental health and addictions. See our article on magic mushroom chocolates for a full list of therapeutic benefits. 

Psilocybin potency is one of the most sought-after factors when choosing the best shroom strains. Psilocybin potency refers to the average concentration of psilocybin in a magic mushroom strain, and it largely determines how you feel after using the plant or product. The high potency of penis envy mushrooms justifies their popularity in the market. 

Facts about Penis envy mushrooms

Psilocybin Potency 

Magic mushrooms feature a combination of compounds like psilocybin, psilocin, and baeocystin. These compounds are present in varying concentrations or percentages that make up the psilocybin potency. Penis envy is one of the most potent magic mushrooms in the U.S. and has a potency of over 30-50 percent. See our article on magic mushroom strains for a classification based on potency.

Cultivation and growth pattern

Although one of the most famous magic mushroom strains, penis envy mushrooms tend to take longer to mature and produce limited spores that make them difficult to cultivate. 


Penis envy mushrooms exist as variants distinguished by their unique hybridized genetics and certain physical characteristics. These variants include but are not limited to; 

a. Albino penis envy 
b. Albino penis envy revert
c. Penis envy #6
d. Penis envy uncut 
e. Trans envy

What are penis envy mushrooms used for? 

As people understand the role of magic mushrooms in healthy living and how they can play a vital role in boosting immunity and mental health, there is an increased need for highly potent psilocybin strains, thus supporting the acceptance of penis envy mushrooms and other high psilocybin strains. 

Penis envy mushrooms are known for their strong psychedelic experience, which is similar to substances like LSD (Lysergic Acid Diethylamide) and DMT (N, N-dimethyltryptamine). Depending on the dosage, this experience can last up to five hours, with the most common effects on users expressed as hallucination, changes in visual perception, temporal distortion, synesthesia, spiritual introspection, and euphoria. 

Penis envy mushrooms may not be suitable for beginners since they have a strong effect that novices may not handle correctly. 

Are there any side effects?

Since the psilocybin potency is quite high, users may have to dose the products differently to minimize taking a large dose. 

Depending on the dosage, psilocybin is relatively safe when ingested orally or used as a single dose under medical supervision. The most common side effects of high dosage may include nausea, high blood pressure, confusion, hallucination, paranoia, and headache.

Psilocybin may undergo drug-to-drug interaction with medically prescribed medications (like Sertraline, Paraxetine, and fluoxetine) for depression. These are known as serotonergic drugs. Combined use of psilocybin and these medications may increase the concentration of serotonin, thus, leading to seizures, heart problems, and vomiting. 

Co-administration of psilocybin and stimulant drugs like cocaine and amphetamines may increase heartbeat and blood pressure. 

How to Dose Penis Envy Mushrooms

Penis envy mushrooms follow different dosing criteria due to their high psilocybin content. While the recommended starting dose for most cubes is between 1.0 to 1.5 grams of dried mushrooms per 100 pounds of body weight, a dosage of 0.3g to 0.45g should be used for penis envy strains (at least a 30 percent reduction in the originally recommended dosage). For safe usage, the following recommendation can serve as a guide to dosing penis envy magic mushrooms.

  • Microdose (0.1g to 0.4g): this is excellent for feelings of euphoria and enhanced senses. 
  • Mild dose (0.5g to 0.9g): this is great for heavy euphoria and perpetual distortions 
  • Medium dose (1.0g to 1.9g): ego dissolution and heavy perpetual distortions. 
  • Strong dosage (2.0 and above): complete disconnection from reality.

Note: these are just suggested dosing recommendations based on user reports and should not be treated as the gold standard for dosing. 

Are they legal?

Psilocybin is illegal under federal law in the U.S. It is classified as a Schedule I controlled substance and should be handled with care even with the budding research showing its possible roles as a therapeutic agent for mental disorders and addiction.

The law may also vary in your region since magic mushrooms are decriminalized in some regions. Therefore, we suggest you research whether it is legal, illegal, or decriminalized in your region. The law also varies for sale, possession, transport, and cultivation. For now, magic mushrooms are legal to varying degrees in eight countries, including Austria, Bahamas, Brazil, British Virgin Islands, Jamaica, Nepal, Netherlands, and Samoa.

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