Top Herbs for Detox: Cleansing THC from Your System

Mother Nature truly gave us everything we need to survive and thrive. Cannabis is arguably one of her greatest gifts, with hemp and marijuana offering so much potential to change our daily lives. Not only is weed an excellent tool for relaxation and inspiring creativity, but it’s also a powerful healer and therapeutic medicinal. Hemp has similar attributes but is an agricultural crop with the power to quite literally change the world. Food, fuel, fiber, and building materials can all be made sustainably with hemp.

Yet, we are living in a world where THC drug tests still exist for millions of people. While stressful, it is possible to support your body through a THC detox, and there are many plant remedies to help. So, if you’re wondering how to pass a drug test, consider some of these herbs for detox as part of your cleanse.

Can You Cleanse Your Body of Toxins Naturally?

The human body is constantly detoxing and recycling waste. Unless the body is sick or diseased, it does an incredible job of filtering out what we don’t need and only assimilating what serves us. However, some things—like THC—take a little longer to cleanse from your system. After the THC serves its purpose of providing medicinal or therapeutic benefits, it is metabolized and stored in the body’s fat cells.

These THC metabolites are then circulated back through the bloodstream as our body burns fat and eventually makes its way out of our system via urine and feces. There is no defined timeline for how long this process takes because each person detoxes at different rates. Physiological factors such as body fat percentage, age, hydration level, and overall health determine how quickly we can burn fat and purge toxins. 

In addition to physical contributions, the dosage, method of consumption, and frequency of use play a huge role in natural detox time. A person who smokes weed every day will take significantly longer to detox from THC than someone who smokes only once per week. Likewise, if your preferred choice is a wax vape pen or highly potent weed edibles, you are likely consuming much more THC than you would if smoking a joint, leading to higher concentrations of THC in your system.

Generally speaking, a natural detox takes approximately 30 days to cleanse from toxins safely. During this time, it’s critical that you do not consume any cannabis products, as even CBD can lead to a failed drug test. Stay hydrated, try out fat-burning exercises, and avoid home remedies or using fake urine to pass a drug test.

Top Herbs for Detoxing

To support your body’s natural detoxification (and speed things up), consider adding these powerful detox herbs to your diet. These herbs support a particular system to provide an enhanced ability to cleanse more quickly. 


Dandelion is a diuretic and helps remove excess water from the body by encouraging more frequent urination. Since THC metabolites leave the body through urine and feces, dandelion further supports elimination by reducing constipation and digestive ailments. It also protects the body’s most vital detox organ—the liver.

Milk Thistle

Milk thistle cranks up the dial on natural detox by protecting the liver, kidneys, and immune system. It is also used for its mild laxative effect, further prompting the elimination of THC. Milk thistle is a popular remedy for passing a urine test because it slows down the process of glucuronidation. That means that when you take milk thistle, the levels of THC metabolites will appear to be lower in your urine sample.


Peppermint is a refreshing herb that soothes the stomach and heals digestive issues. Peppermint oil encourages the production of bile and digestive juices, which help the body more easily digest fatty foods. When the digestive tract is not bogged down with breaking down fats, the process of elimination is much smoother. This makes peppermint an effective ally for an herbal cleanse.


Schisandra protects the liver from exposure to stress, infections, allergies, and toxins. It helps build resilience throughout our detoxification organs to prevent toxic overload from slowing down natural detox time. In addition, schisandra improves peristalsis—a term describing the movement of muscles in the digestive tract that moves feces through the bowel. Since 65% of THC is excreted via feces, proper elimination is crucial to THC detox.


Turmeric is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties. When the body is free from inflammation, our organs are better able to function properly. This means that the liver and digestive tract operate at a higher efficiency, promoting waste removal and natural detox. 

How To Incorporate These Herbs Into Your Detox

Each of these detox herbs is helpful in the race to detox from THC. One way to consume them is to brew herbal tea, or to incorporate them into cooking recipes. However, it can be tricky to accurately measure the correct amount of each herb to support detox efforts. 

Fortunately, you can access these herbs in combination with other powerful detox herbs and supplements. Detox kits and detox drinks not only eliminate toxins but they eliminate the stress and anxiety that often comes with a drug test.