How Long Does a Wax Pen Stay in Your System

So you've been vaping cannabis wax and need to pass a drug test?
So you've been vaping cannabis wax and need to pass a drug test? /
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When you're an avid wax pen user, news of an upcoming drug test isn't something you want to hear. You might have a deadline in the future, or it might be right around the corner. Which could have you wondering how long does a wax pen stay in your system? 

There are so many factors that go into the detection time of THC from a wax pen; it can be frustrating, especially when you need to pass a drug test. Below we break down all of those factors so you can determine the most accurate detection time for your situation. 

Determining Factors 

The duration of time that hits from a wax pen will stay in your system depends on a few things, which ultimately create your toxicity level. 

Concentration of Vape Oil or Wax

The concentration of THC in your vape oil or wax will make a big difference in how long the THC stays in your system. A higher concentration of THC means more THC is flooding your system at once, and it's a greater challenge for your body to break it down.

Vapes usually have a high concentration of THC, averaging a range of 45% to as much as 90% THC depending on the type of concentrate being used. Most cannabis flower, on the other hand, only averages about 15% to 20% THC.

Always check the concentration of THC in your vape oil or wax to know what you're up against, and bear in mind going for vaping over flower could give you a longer detection time and a longer time needed for your THC detox

Frequency of Use 

How often you use cannabis products can significantly impact your detection time. This goes for all cannabis products including flower, edibles and even CBD. If you just hit a vape once in a while, your body will be able to process it through your system fairly quickly. 

However, if you use cannabis products all the time, your natural detoxification systems can't process the THC out as quickly as you consume it. This causes the toxins to be stored, causing you to reach a high toxicity level. 

Your BMI and Health Factors

Your overall health is indicative of your body's natural ability to remove any toxins that you may put into it. If you have a low BMI, that likely means you have a high metabolism and can flush out toxins at a higher rate than someone with a higher BMI.

You're further likely to metabolize toxins quickly if you often exercise, keep a clean diet, and are generally in good health. If you don't have healthy habits, including a healthy diet and regular exercise, you'll want to do so while detoxing.

How Long Does a Wax Pen Stay in Your System

Due to the above factors making each person different, it is impossible to give an exact amount of time that a wax pen will stay in someone's system. However, there are some general timeframes that we can provide depending on the type of drug test.

THC from a wax pen will stay in the urine of an average user with average health for about a week. But, the amount of time could be closer to a month if you're not in good health and/or you're a very frequent user.

A wax pen will typically only be detectable in your blood for about a day if you're an infrequent to moderate user. The maximum detection time for THC in a person's blood is about two weeks, but that only applies to heavy users.

If you just took one hit from a wax pen, it could be detectable in your saliva for as little as twelve hours. THC will stay detectable for about a week for frequent users, with a maximum of a month for extreme consumers.

THC stays detectable in your hair for up to ninety days. This timeline is the longest of all drug test types and is the least affected by described factors in the above sections.

Final Thoughts

Determining how long a wax pen stays in your system is not an exact science, but examining the factors above can give you a general timeframe. Remember that wax pens have a higher concentration of THC, creating a higher toxicity level, as will frequent consumption and a higher BMI. 

No matter your toxicity level or your timeline, you can trust industry leader, PassYourTest. They have solutions for all your cleansing needs including same day detox kits and permanent detox programs.

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