Respect My Region Hits The Road in Search of the West Coast's Best Weed

Respect My Region (RMR) is on a mission to find the best cannabis, and they might be coming to a town, dispensary or farm near you during their 3rd Annual West Coast Weed Tour.

During the tour through Washington, Oregon and California, the RMR team will review more than 150 cannabis products. This year’s rendition of the tour “is the first and only cannabis competition that purchases and reviews recommended items straight off the retailers’ shelves,” RMR noted in a press release.

The team will be on the road through Oregon and California the next few weeks while accepting reviews. The complete tour/campaign will conclude in November.

In past years of the tour, RMR has focused primarily on flower. said Mitch Pfeifer, founder and CEO. This year, the RMR family continues to expand the kinds of products it will review during its tour travels to include: cannabis flower and pre-rolls, vapes and dabs, edibles, beverages, health and wellness and dispensaries.

“We really like to visit both sides of the spectrum,” Pfeifer said of the team's plans to visit dispensaries. “From the larger, well-known dispensaries to the smaller mom and pops.”

No matter the size of the facility or retail location, Pfeifer said the RMR team believes certain cannabis brands will emerge as powerhouses as the industry matures. The team believes consumers will seek out information online in search of those brands and products most appropriate for their cannabis preferences.

“We believe [cannabis] will be much like wine in the future,” Pfeifer said, “with strains and products from certain areas and regions.”

Pfeifer said the initial idea for a tour was formed with the mindset that “The West Coast is known for and supplied the best cannabis since the 60s and 70s.” Pfeifer said this year's tour will be built on that, exploring where “the industry stands now” and will allow the RMR team to be “ahead of the curve of where it [the cannabis industry] is going to go.”

In an eye toward the future of cannabis brands, the RMR team will also host a panel of “judges, including budtenders, buyers, consumers, and influencers.” Judges will evaluate nominated products in 10 categories, and products will be rated on a 100-point system, according to an RMR press release.

During the tour, Pfeifer also said RMR will capture the current state and future of cannabis  in video, photos, social media and written content.

As a result of COVID, Pfeifer said the team won’t be able to hold live events as it usually does along the way, but is eager to “really focus on the content, which has always been what we view as the most important.” Pfeifer said the team is “really excited,” adding that the annual event has “gotten bigger every time.”

Those interested in having products featured or nominated should reach to to the RMR team for more by contacting  Mitch or Joey at

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