The Purple Dream Strain: What Makes It So Awesome?

Are you dreaming purple yet?
Are you dreaming purple yet? /

If you want the perfect well-balanced hybrid, the Purple Dream strain is here to make your acquaintance. It’s an old school strain that has helped fuel the purple flower obsessions for decades now. So much so that people are still clamoring for information about how Purple Dream smells and tastes and, most importantly, how it hits. 

If you’re one of those consumers eager to try this fruity hybrid, here’s some information you might want to know about it first.

What is the Purple Dream strain? 

Purple Dream is a well-balanced hybrid. Its breeders are unknown, and because of that, we don’t know the exact Purple Dream genetics. Many believe it to be a cross of the old school Purple favorite, Granddaddy Purple, and the world famous Blue Dream. Others believe Purple Dream to be a hybrid of Blue Dream and Purple Kush. Blue Dream is the only genetic ancestor we know about this one’s lineage.

Like many old school strains, Purple Dream has pretty average THC content. Its percentages usually hover around 15%. Still, it is a very high quality cultivar.

Genetics info:

  • Purple Dream comes from an unknown breeder
  • Purple Dream is a possibly cross of Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream
  • Purple Dream might also be a cross of Blue Dream and Purple Kush

What does Purple Dream look like?

As the name would suggest, Purple Dream flowers carry deep purple coloring. This is stacked on top of the usual green in cannabis. Additionally, Purple Dream is absolutely flooded with trichomes, sending this hybrid’s bag appeal to the moon (purple moonrocks, anyone?). 

General appearance traits:

  • Dark purple and green colors
  • Thick coat of trichomes
  • Orange hairs all over
  • Dense nugs

What does Purple Dream smell and taste like?

Purple Dream has a pretty interesting terpene profile. It is exactly fruity, without many other accents. The top three most commonly reported aromas and flavors for Purple Dream are grape, blueberry, and berry. Those are brought to you by myrcene, pinene, and caryophyllene as predominant terpenes.

Predominant terpenes:

Aromas and flavors:

  • Grape
  • Blueberry
  • Berry
  • Fruit

Purple Dream effects and experience

In addition to its excellent flavor, Purple Dream’s effects are very enjoyable. The top three most commonly reported experiences with it are aroused, tingly, and hungry. Candidly put, Purple Dream is one of the horniest strains out there. Many consumers report having great cannabis-infused sex after consuming this strain.

Most common effects:

  • Aroused 
  • Tingly
  • Hungry
  • Sedative

In addition to feeling tingly and aroused, Purple Dream consumers often feel sleepy and slightly sedated afterwards. It just goes to show that each cannabis strain carries a wide range of possible experiences.

Is Purple Dream a head high or body high?

With all cannabis strains, it’s important to remember that everyone feels them differently. Purple Dream could be a relaxing strain for you, while it could be an energizing strain for the next person. That’s because humans have individual endocannabinoid systems that process the intake of cannabis compounds. Considering each person has a different physical makeup, it’s easy to see how each of us has different ECS. 

With that said, Purple Dream tends to be both a head high and a body high for people. Specifically, many people say Purple Dream’s begin in the head before slowly creeping throughout the whole body. 

Leafly reviewer F........7 says “A slight more sedating version of blue dreams balanced high. A little heavier, a little more body focused, but still balanced enough to get light tasks done.”

Leafly reviewer H........6 says “Great heady high followed by a pull from the land of the Purps that mellowed me out and warmed my core and extremities.”

Leafly reviewer D........r says “was mostly a head high, but felt some good body relaxation too. Great for anything.”

In all of these different takes on Purple Dream’s experience, it’s easy to see how the same cannabis strains can affect each and every consumer differently. The best way to know how the Purple Dream strain will hit either or both your head and body is to consume it in various amounts and document your journey.

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