What Makes Gobbstopper Such a Fire Strain?

The Gobbstopper strain is a fruity cannabis classic from the West Coast.
The Gobbstopper strain is a fruity cannabis classic from the West Coast. /

Gobstoppers are a fruity candy that will have your mouth all cut up by the time you eat an entire theater box; Gobbstopper is a fire weed strain that will remind you of those candies. Right now, fruit and gas terpene profile combinations are all the rage on the West Coast. While not new, it seems that craving has consumers looking for information about strains like Gobbstopper. 

Here’s what you should know about this fruity cannabis classic.

What is the Gobbstopper strain? 

Gobbstopper is an indica cannabis strain. It was created by crossing the old school Purple Urkle with the old school Sin City Kush. Gobbstopper was bred in 2014 by Alphakronik Genetics in Washington state. It was created within Alphakronik Genetics’ Wonka series. It then went on to create other strains like Scrumpdiddlyumptious.

The Gobbstopper strain’s genetics info:

  • Gobbstopper was bred by Alphakronik Genetics
  • Gobbstopper is an indica
  • Gobbstopper is a cross of Purple Urkle and Sin City Kush

What does Gobbstopper strain look like?

Gobbstopper has a purple and green appearance. The nugs are pretty much the type of weed that you see in most purple strains. However, what sets Gobbstopper apart from other strains is its trichome density. When grown properly, Gobbstopper flowers come covered with bulging crystals that contain a high amount of cannabinoids and terpenes. The buds are also extremely tight and dense, common of many high quality indoor-grown cannabis strains.

The Gobbstopper strain’s appearance:

  • Deep purple flowers
  • Light green accents
  • Orange hairs
  • Dense buds
  • Flurry of trichomes

Trichomes are important because they house the cannabis compounds that get us high. They also contain the chemicals that make weed smell and taste good. The higher a strain’s trichome density, the more likely it is to be well-grown and to provide an enjoyable experience. Strains with a high trichome density are often the most potent

What does Gobbstopper smell and taste like?

Gobbstopper is known for its candy-like terpene profile. The strain often contains high amounts of pinene, limonene, and ocimene.

The Gobbstopper strain’s predominant terpenes:

  • Pinene
  • Limonene
  • Ocimene

Put your nose to a Gobbstopper flower and you’ll detect a mix of sweet, tart, and savory aromas. Specifically, it will have a vibrant aroma of berries that is undeniable. When you consume Gobbstopper flower, whether smoking or vaping, you get a mix of flavors. That heavy berry and candy flavors are dominant, however the smoke has a slight tartness to it, as well. It truly is like smoking the hard candies. Gobbstopper is also said to taste like grapes and citrus. This strain is a great example of all the different nuances of cannabis flowers.

The Gobbstopper strain’s aromas and flavors:

  • Sweet berries
  • Sour and tart citrus
  • Fruity candy
  • Grape candy

Gobbstopper strain effects and experience

Gobbstopper is heralded as a fruity classic from way back because of its strong terpene profile. Additionally, people love Gobbstopper for its long-lasting effects and full-profile experience.

The Gobbstopper strain’s most common effects:

  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric
  • Sleepy
  • Uplifted
  • Hungry

Gobbstopper has a reputation for being highly potent, which makes it a great strain for everyday cannabis consumers with a high tolerance. Novice consumers can smoke Gobbstopper too, just make sure you start with small amounts and work your way up.

In terms of specific effects, Gobbstopper is expected to provide a combination of sleepy, relaxed, and hungry. It can also make you feel uplifted and/or hungry. The variety of effects that come from Gobbstopper is a good example of how each cannabis strain can provide each consumer with a different experience.

Is the Gobbstopper strain a head high or body high?

Each cannabis consumer has an individual endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is the human’s body system for processing cannabis compounds. Even people that don’t smoke have one. Considering how each human has a different, individual physical makeup, it’s easy to see how our ECS can each produce slightly different experiences when consuming common cannabis strains. That said, Gobbstopper is often expected to be a mix of both head and body highs. 

Leafly Reviewer C........s says “The head rush is intense if your tolerance is low. If it's high you still get the rush before exhaling.” 

Leafly Reviewer r........t says It has a good berry flavor and has an immediate head high. When the body high kicks in, my head, shoulders, arms, and legs start tingling. A heaviness all over. As the high wears off, it leaves you with a nice almost sativa head high. Reality feels fuzzy and strange at high doses.

Leafly reviewer H........z “Great all body high. Feels like you're flowing down the chocolate river lol. Recommended for when you're winding down your day.”

With these mixed reviews on if Gobbstopper is a head or body high, it’s easy to see how each consumer has different experiences. The best way to know how Gobbstopper will affect you is to give it a try in various doses and document the experience. Now get out there and smoke some candy terps.

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