WATCH: Inside Seth Rogen’s Houseplant Headquarters

Inside Seth Rogen's Houseplant Headquarters | Open Door | Architectural Digest
Inside Seth Rogen's Houseplant Headquarters | Open Door | Architectural Digest / Architectural Digest

Watching Seth Rogen give Architectural Digest a tour of Houseplant’s headquarters was a fun and somewhat surreal experience.

First of all, Seth Rogen and team are doing awesome work at Houseplant.

If you’ve never heard of Houseplant, they sell weed, which is apparently quite good. And they also offer an expanding line of homegoods including stylish lighters and ashtrays.

What made this video so surreal?

Ten years ago, it would have been unthinkable for a 100-year-old magazine like Architectural Digest to publish a video featuring a cannabis company.

The beloved herb has gradually furthered its way into the mainstream over the past decade, however this video strikes me as a whole new level of social integration.

I remember when I first started smoking in the late ‘90s, and the only cannabis media I could find were my step-dad’s old copies of High Times and Cheech & Chong movies or records.

And now we have Seth Rogen.

In 2015, when I first started working in cannabis media, a lot of actors were still afraid to come out of the ‘cannabis closet’.

This never really seemed to be the case for Seth Rogen.

Can you name a celebrity who’s done more to chip away at cannabis stigma?

This is why we included Rogen in The BLUNTNESS/100.

And that’s what we’re really talking about here: crushing stigma and celebrating our favorite plant on a much greater scale.

While showing the camera crew around the place, Rogen notes:

“I found myself really struggling to furnish my home in a way that complemented the fact that I smoke weed all day, every day, and also the fact that I wanted to have nice things around, and so we started making those things.”

What other fine facets of cannabis lifestyle will emerge as society continues to normalize this plant?

Toward the end of the video, Houseplant Senior Brand Manager Kaitlin Juarez sums it up perfectly:

“Cannabis products should come out of the stash drawer. I think you’ve got this old-school stoner mentality that we don’t deserve nice things and it should be tucked away, but we’re making products that we’re proud to have on display.”

Be Aware of Stoner Stigma

Stigma busting is much more than just decorating one’s home or openly sharing one’s affinity for pot.

Indeed, cannabis lovers should never feel shame or guilt, yet it still happens to a lot of them because of stigma.

Thanks to the stigma of reefer madness, a lot of people still don’t have safe access, or they’re afraid to even give it a try.

Stigma is the reason why cannabis prohibition has existed for 80+ years, and it’s why we’re light years behind on research.

Yes, we’ve made progress and that’s great.

Don't make the mistake of thinking cannabis stigma is gone or defeated. It is still deeply rooted into the fabric of civilization, and it’s wrong.

It was storytelling that got us into this mess, and storytelling is the only way to get out of it.

This media coverage, this 13-minute video on YouTube, is a fantastic win for Houseplant and for cannabis lovers everywhere.

And we still have a lot of work to do.

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