Curious Cultivars: Why Do People Love Gelonade So Much?

Have you tried the Gelonade cannabis strain?
Have you tried the Gelonade cannabis strain? /

With popular west coast cannabis strains, Gelonade’s search interest is absolutely surging. People want to know what it is, where to get it, how it smells and tastes, and most importantly, how that consumption experience goes. 

There’s not much information out there on the strain, so to really know about it, you’d need to discuss Gelonade’s greatness with someone who has actually tried it. The good news is I’m one of those people.

Here is what makes Gelonade such a fire smoke for connoisseurs of any level.

What is the Gelonade cannabis strain?

Gelonade is a sativa-dominant cross between Lemon Tree and Gelato #41. It was bred by the folks at Connected Cannabis Co., who are partners with Alien Labs. This is why you see so many Alien Labs x Connected collab products on dispensary menus in California. 

Gelonade is a THC-dominant cultivar, with percentages often ranging between 22% and 28% THC.

As far as appearance goes, pick a color, the Gelonade flower probably has it. Gelonade nugs feature a mix of purple, green, white, and orange colors. Gelonade’s buds truly are some of the most beautiful cannabis flower I’ve ever seen. 

Gelonade has won many awards, including First Place for Best Sativa at the 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup. It’s been blowing up in popularity ever since.

How to grow Gelonade

If you want grow tips on Gelonade, they’re pretty scarce. It’s because only a few select companies/growers have this strain in their garden. 

Online database Cannabis Training University has a few Gelonade cultivation facts on their site. They say that, when grown indoors, the strain will have a flowering time between seven and nine weeks and a yield of one to two ounces per square foot. Outdoors the yield will be around two to three ounces per square foot.

If you want to try growing Gelonade at home, your best bet is to purchase seeds from a reputable online seed bank like Blimburn or TasteBudz. Because you probably aren’t going to be given a cut from anyone, unless you’re super tapped into the west coast cannabis cultivators circle.

How does Gelonade smell and taste?

Gelonade’s terpene profile features a mix of fruity, lemony, earthy, spicy, and peppery scents and flavors. 

On Weedmaps, they list Gelonade’s top reported flavors as earthy, flowery, and pepper. But honestly, to me, Gelonade is pretty earthy and citrus. The taste doesn’t necessarily blow you away, but the weed is still great regardless.

Cannabis Training University suggests that Gelonade has dominant linalool, caryophyllene, ocimene, and limonene terpenes. 

Linalool is believed to have relaxing qualities; caryophyllene is thought to be a stress-relieving terpene; ocimene, we’re still learning about; and limonene is expected to provide uplifting, energetic effects. With this combination, it’s easy to see why so many people consider Gelonade to be a pretty balanced smoke, in terms of effects.

How do the Gelonade effects feel?

On Weedmaps, Gelonade’s top reported effects are relaxed, uplifted, and happy. On All Bud, Gelonade’s top reported effects are aroused, energizing, euphoria, sociable, tingly, and uplifting.

Personally speaking, I literally smoked Gelonade last week, so it’s fresh in my mind. The taste was subtle, and so were the effects. It was a good throughout-the-day smoke that I’d hit around mid-afternoon, when it’s time to get re-hig, after my morning wake and bake finally wears off. One of those highs that certain people would describe as middle of the road.

Is Gelonade a head high or a body high?

With all cannabis strains, you must remember that each human experiences cannabis differently. Humans have endocannabinoid systems that are responsible for processing cannabis compounds that enter our bodies. 

Considering that each human has a different physiological build, it’s easy to see why what may be a sleepy downer type of high for you could be an energizing upper type of high for someone else.

That said, with Gelonade, most consumers feel a head high more than anything.

At Respect My Region, they say Gelonade “is a relaxing high that settles in your head and works its way down your body as the buzz progresses.” 

Leafly reviewer C........L says “It’s got great heady-energizing effects. Highly recommend.”

Leafly reviewer S........r says “This strain took all my worries & stresses & all my anxiety & turned it into creative energy which made it so much easier to deal with. It also took all my deep body pain, including some of the nerve pain, & numbed it out quite a bit.”

With these reviews, you’ll see that Gelonade tends to be a cerebral experience for most. However, the only real way to know how Gelonade affects your body is to smoke, dab, or vape it, and take notes on the way you feel. Now get out there and find some Gelonade.

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