Alien Labs: What Makes Baklava Such a Unique Strain?

Baklava by Alien Labs is worth the adventure.
Baklava by Alien Labs is worth the adventure. /

With cannabis in California, there aren’t many names that ring bells like Alien Labs. They’ve been around since before cannabis was even legal, and with that has come a cemented place in Cali cannabis culture. Alien Labs has always been known for putting out other people’s heaters; now they’re becoming more known for their in-house proprietary strains. One of those strains is Baklava. And boy, it is some straight HEAT.

Here’s what we know about Alien Labs’ highly sought-after strain.

What is the Baklava cannabis strain?

Baklava is a slightly indica-dominant cross between Kosher Kush and Gelato #41. It was bred in 2019 by Alien Labs out in California. Alien Labs is famous for strains like Melonade, Area 41, and Biskanté. 

The Baklava flower is absolutely beautiful. It dazzles consumers with its vibrant green, purple, white, and somewhat yellow hue to it. The flower is absolutely flushed with trichomes too, indicating that Baklava is indeed high-quality, and highly effective. Baklava is a THC-dominant cultivar that frequently tests over 25% THC.

In addition to Alien Labs’ Baklava, there is another version of Baklava that was created by The Plug Seedbank, and is a cross of Wedding Cake and Gelato. Chances are you’re here to learn about the Alien Labs Baklava, so that’s what we’ll discuss.

How to grow Baklava 

Baklava is only produced by Alien Labs. So if you want growing tips on it, the folks over there and at their partner, Connected Cannabis Co., are the only reliable sources. I can promise you neither of them will tell you where to get the strain or how to grow it. 

How does Baklava smell and taste?

Baklava has such a complex flavor profile that it’s hard to lock onto just one single word to describe its smell and taste. On the nose, Baklava usually has a slight gassy and creamy scent to it. On the taste though, you’re getting that strong creamy taste with somewhat sweet accents. You can also detect slight berry notes in here too, but mostly, it’s cream, gas, and goodness. With such a unique smell and taste to it, Baklava is absolutely a must-try. 

These aromas and flavors are brought to you by high amounts of beta-caryophyllene, myrcene, and terpinolene. Caryophyllene is thought to be a stress and pain-relieving terpene; myrcene is expected to be sedative and pain-relieving; and terpinolene is expected to have certain uplifting and anxiety-relieving qualities. With this mix of terpenes and perceived effects, it’s easy to see why Baklava tends to knock people’s socks off.

How do the Baklava effects feel?

Baklava has a wide range of reported effects. On All Bud, the top reported effects for Baklava are cerebral, energizing, focus, relaxing, and uplifting. On Weedmaps, its top reported effect is tingly. On Wikileaf, the top reported effects for Baklava are relaxed, sleepy, and social.

Personally speaking, I first tried Baklava about a month ago after buying some at Sixty Four and Hope in Los Angeles. It was a remarkable experience. Absolutely blew my mind, which is important, because I had super high expectations after buying a per-tax $70 eighth. Baklava delivered though. It is a great strain for relaxing at the end of the day. I used to smoke it once I was done with work and needed help transitioning into evening activities. Ya know, like sitting on the couch doing nothing but watching HBOMax. 

Is Baklava a head high or a body high?

As with all cannabis strains, it’s important to remember that the effects we all feel depend on our individual endocannabinoid systems, and how certain cannabis compounds cause those systems to respond. What may be a head high, or uplifting high for you, may be a body high, or sedative high for someone else. The effects we feel from consuming cannabis really is a you vs. you type of experience.

That said, with Baklava, most consumers seem to feel a relaxing body high after smoking it.

On Baklava’s effects, Respect My Region states “This strain can potentially offer complete body relaxation without any cloudy brain fog. For this reason, it proves to be a go-to for any hour of the day.”

Leafly reviewer t........n says “great for a night in with a nice body high that leaves you content to just relax or engage in a peaceful hobby” about Baklava. 

Leafly reviewer S........y says that “you will be lost in an incredibly euphoric but spacey and intense head and body hybrid experience. The head high lasts for a full mind-bending hour which could sit well with the most intense of Sativas before dropping you off in a clear-headed relaxation zone where listening to music, watching a movie or just laying around and not moving are excellent activity choices.”

In the end, the best way to know how Baklava’s effects will make your head and/or body feel is to give it a try. It’s a pricey smoke, but you will not be disappointed either way.

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