Does Alcohol Make THC Stay In Your System Longer?

Let's explore the role of alcohol in the detox process from THC
Let's explore the role of alcohol in the detox process from THC /

Drug testing is a common practice in many workplaces and can be a cause of concern for those who have recently consumed marijuana. The internet is full of home remedies and supposed solutions for passing a drug test, and one that has recently gotten some attention is consuming alcohol. But does alcohol really help in flushing THC out of the system or does it make THC stay in the system longer? 

In this article, we will explore the role of alcohol in the detox process from THC and investigate if drinking alcohol is an effective way to pass a drug test. We will delve into how the body processes alcohol, if alcohol can burn fat, and how alcohol affects THC levels in the bloodstream. Once you have a better understanding of the impact of alcohol on THC detox, you  will be able to make an informed decision on how to approach a drug test. 

How the Body Processes Alcohol

When we consume alcohol, it's quickly absorbed in the stomach and small intestine and circulates throughout our bloodstream. The liver plays a crucial role in breaking down the alcohol and neutralizing its effects. Until the liver completes this task, alcohol continues to circulate in the bloodstream and can affect various organs in the body, including the brain which can cause the feeling of being drunk. 

The liver's job is not the only one that's affected, the kidneys are also impacted by alcohol. Alcohol is known as a diuretic which prompts the kidneys to release water and inhibit the activity of antidiuretic hormones (ADH). This results in increased urination, but it doesn't necessarily mean that more toxins are being expelled from the body. In fact, this process can leave the body in a state of dehydration which can interfere with the body's natural detox process. For this reason, using alcohol as a means to detox from THC is not a viable option.

Can Alcohol Burn Fat?

THC is stored in the body's fat cells as a metabolite, releasing these metabolites into the bloodstream is crucial for the detox process. Burning fat is the key for releasing these metabolites and the faster you can burn fat, the faster you can detox from THC. One theory is that alcohol consumption can help burn fat, which is how this theory as alcohol for THC detox began. Studies show that drinking alcohol might help with weight loss, however, it's not a guarantee that consuming alcohol will burn enough fat to pass a drug test. 

Some guidelines suggest drinking eight ounces of alcohol every day to burn fat, but it's important to note that there are many variables such as overall body fat percentage and type of alcohol consumed that can impact the effectiveness of this plan. Remember that consuming alcohol excessively can also lead to weight gain, so it is important to keep a balance.

Alcohol and THC Levels

A recent study found that when alcohol is consumed in conjunction with marijuana, it can greatly increase the level of THC in the bloodstream. In this study, researchers analyzed data from 19 cannabis users separated into two groups. 

In the study, one group consumed a small amount of alcohol before inhaling vaporized cannabis, whereas the other group consumed a placebo before smoking. The findings demonstrated that individuals who consumed alcohol had much higher levels of THC in their bloodstream as compared to the placebo group.

This increase in THC levels not only raises concern for drug testing but also has dangerous implications for driving, as it was found that those who consumed alcohol and marijuana together showed greater levels of impairment than those who consumed marijuana alone. This increased impairment raises the risk of car crashes.

Can Alcohol Help Pass a Drug Test?

In short, no, alcohol cannot help you pass a drug test. And it might actually increase the levels of THC in your blood before a drug test, so why risk it? If you need to detox before a drug test, the best thing you can do is prepare in advance with a detox program from PassYourTest

These trusted leaders are detox experts and have helped countless people pass a variety of drug tests with their comprehensive programs. 

Pass Your Test with the Best Detox Kits for a Drug Test
Pass Your Test with the Best Detox Kits for a Drug Test /

Best Detox Kits for a Drug Test

The foundation of the detox kits include highly targeted herbal supplements that each work to kickstart and fasttrack the body’s natural detoxification. The permanent detox kits have a 5-day or 10-day option depending on your toxicity level and how long you have to pass a drug test. Once you complete this program, you will stay clean so long as you don’t reintroduce any toxins. 

The total body cleansers are for cases when you need to detox top to bottom. That means they include the same amazing capsules and at-home drug test kits, but they also include a detox shampoo in the event of a hair follicle drug test

Best Detox Drinks for a Drug Test

Unfortunately, many people do not even have five days to prepare for a drug test. In this case, PassYourTest is here to save the day with the same day cleanse. The Fail Safe Kit is your best bet if you want to be sure to pass with little time to prep. 

Pass Your Test Fail Safe Kit

This detox shot and capsule combo take effect within 90 minutes and offer a six-hour window where you can pass a urine test. This is a temporary solution and will not cleanse your system permanently, so be sure to follow the directions exactly and take only hours before your test. 

Skip the Booze and Detox Like a Pro

There’s a lot of nonsense on the internet saying apple cider vinegar, certo, or cranberry juice will help you pass a drug test. We are here to definitively tell you that using alcohol to detox is not a smart idea, and it won’t work anyway. Instead, support your body with detox tips and tricks, and invest in a detox kit or drink from PassYourTest.