VIDEO: Frankfort, KY City Commission Candidate Hits The Pipe During Live Debate

Tim Childers, a candidate for the Frankfort, Kentucky City Commission decided that a live debate was the best time to show his support for legalizing marijuana in the state.

Following a question about how the city commission can attract new businesses to the city, candidate Tim Childers pulled out his pipe, took a really respectable hit , and made a case for legalizing marijuana.

The incident takes place at the 1:07:25 mark in the following video.

“I also own Kentucky Reefer. Let’s work together as a state and legalize something,” Childers said as he lit his pipe and took a hit. “Big money in that! A bunch of states doing it. I have the answers. Tim has the solutions, people.”

With a large number of mail-in votes yet to be counted, it is still too early to call whether Childers won his seat in the June 23rd election.