The Psychedelic Revolution Lands in Denver for Unprecedented Global Gathering

The Psychedelic Science Conference, or PS2023, is being held in Denver June 19-23, 2023
The Psychedelic Science Conference, or PS2023, is being held in Denver June 19-23, 2023 /

The largest psychedelic conference to date is set to descend upon Denver from June 19-23, 2023. 

Hosted by the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS), the Psychedelic Science conference, or PS2023, is an event that promises to make waves not just in the field of psychedelics, but across the globe.

This groundbreaking conference boasts an expected turnout of approximately 400 speakers and nearly 10,000 attendees. 

According to Liana Gillooly, MAPS' strategic initiative officer, the scope of this event is unlike any before it. 

“We are reaching out to people who have never attended a psychedelic event before,” she noted in an interview on Lucid News. “There’s a lot of destigmatization happening. Psychedelics are recognized and celebrated as therapeutic tools. Public attitudes are shifting.”

Redefining the Psychedelic Landscape

An array of impressive keynote speakers including famed personalities like Melissa Etheridge, Julie Holland, Carl Hart, Michael Pollan, and Wade Davis are set to grace the event. 

Attendees will also get a chance to listen to speakers from the FDA and a leader from the Yawanawa tribe, bringing insights on Ayahuasca

And that’s just the beginning. Perhaps you’re interested in cutting-edge research into substances like DMT, ibogaine, and MDMA. Whatever your jam, PS2023 offers a comprehensive look at the re-emerging field of psychedelic therapy.

Transforming Drug Policy and Activism

The conference aims to address not only the science and therapy behind psychedelics but also the politics surrounding it. 

As Ismail L. Ali, director of policy and advocacy for MAPS, pointed out, "The policy conversations will be robust, covering not just the exciting activism, but also implementation and regulation, data, IP. The nuts and bolts that make the system work and stay sustainable over time." 

Discussions will also shed light on the roots of psychedelia and its intersections with indigenous and environmental movements, marking a crucial step in bridging gaps between Western and indigenous knowledge.

A Global Ripple Effect

The event will draw in attendees from across the globe, one of whom is Dr. Aimon Kopera, soon to be the first Thai physician to certify through MAPS’ MDMA Therapy Training Program.

She expressed her excitement about the conference and collaboration with MAPS – and her plans to help MAPS extend their reach to Asia, using Thailand as the entry point.

“The psychedelic revolution isn’t just for the U.S., it’s a global mission,” Dr. Kopera emphasized, "The end-goal is peace, happiness, and improved quality of life. That’s what this conference is really about.”

Experiencing Psychedelia

Moving beyond just talks and panels, PS2023 is also set to deliver a kaleidoscope of experiences to attendees through "Deep Space", an immersive festival-like environment within the conference. 

Gillooly described it as an "expression of contemporary psychedelic culture, with music and other kinds of interactive experiences." 

From ecstatic dance and meditation to sound healing and art installations, Deep Space promises a vibrant landscape of experiences, including a traditional Chinese tea ceremony and an NFT gallery facilitated by Christie's.

Complementing the Conference: Denver's Psychedelic Week

Beyond the walls of the conference, Denver is set to host a series of events running in tandem with PS2023. "Partying and magic on the dance floor is a core value of ours at MAPS," Gillooly asserts, indicating that the magic of PS2023 extends beyond the conference. 

With evening events run by community partners, a dinner honoring Roland Griffiths' contributions to the field, and a gathering focused on veterans, Denver's psychedelic week promises to keep attendees engaged and inspired.

With such an ambitious and expansive lineup, PS2023 is poised to be a landmark moment for psychedelics. It signals the shift in public attitudes and the mainstreaming of psychedelics, expanding its relevance from countercultural movements to diverse demographics and applications. 

As the attendees gather in Denver, they will not only be attending a conference but becoming part of a revolution that will shape the future of mental health, spirituality, and social attitudes toward psychedelics.

What day are you reading this? You might still have time to grab tickets for the conference in Denver (June 19-23, 2023).