Understanding the Benefits of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca removes the self imposed blocks we have between our soul and the divine. 
Ayahuasca removes the self imposed blocks we have between our soul and the divine.  /

Article by Derek Januszewski, Founder and Lead Pastor at Pachamama Sanctuary

The Benefits of Ayahuasca

Just a few years ago, ayahuasca was an unknown entheogenic tea shrouded in mystery. 

“The Medicine” originated in the jungles of South America where the ayahuasca vine and the leaves of the Chacruna plant are brewed together over a 3-day period. 

This tea creates an entheogenic effect, usually paired with intense, powerful visions otherwise known as “pintas.” 

It is said, this recipe has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years. 

Most elders profess that the plants taught the shamans how to create this brew. There are dozens of tribes and traditions stemming from the psychedelic tea known as Ayahuasca.  

Mind, Body, and Spirit: The Effects of Ayahuasca

When understanding the benefits of ayahuasca, we must take a look at its effects, not just during the process but after. 

We also have to observe and decipher what kind of benefits it has on the body, the mind and the spirit. It is important to do this because (as we all know) the mind, body and spirit are inseparable until we transition to another plane of existence. 

If we have spiritual maladies, it is impossible to have a healthy mind and body. 

We seek balance subconsciously. If our body is unhealthy, it is impossible to have a clear mind with equanimity. 

The most powerful of the three is the mind, which creates everything in our personal universe. If our mind is unhealthy, we will find ourselves disconnected from spirit, as well as have different ailments in our body. 

Sitting with ayahuasca helps to purge out energy locked in our being. 

Ayahuasca and the Subconscious Mind

The mind is our most powerful tool. It is what manifests everything that comes into our lives. 

At a young age, when we are most vulnerable, our mind is immediately and incessantly attacked with programming. 

This starts with our parents. They have been programmed to believe what they are capable of, what they should do, who they should be, how to act, etc. 

This is subconscious and bleeds into the deepest parts of our mind. Our subconscious mind controls every decision we make. 

Research shows our subconscious mind makes our decisions for us. 

Say you’ve been through a traumatic experience. Traumatic memories are stored in our subconscious, implicit memory and therefore, need to be handled by addressing it at it’s subconscious roots. 

Often, these subconsciously-stored, emotionally-charged traumatic memories and experiences cause us to re-experience the pain and dysfunction anytime something triggers them directly or peripherally. 

Ayahuasca helps us get to the root of these traumas and programming. Ayahuasca brings them to light, helps us understand them and purge them out. 

This process allows us to reprogram our mind as we want to. 

Using Ayahuasca to Heal and Transcend Limitations

All limitations we have are self imposed. Ayahuasca shows us where we are limiting ourselves with our beliefs and teaches us how to reverse this process. It does not do the work for us, but it does give us a guidebook, with homework. 

We are tenants in our own bodies. Our bodies are constantly-evolving ecosystems, from the time of conception until our passing. 

It starts with two cells which multiply into trillions of specialized cells, carrying our mind and soul everywhere we go. 

Throughout our time here, we can become sick, injured or encounter decline in our health. 

Metaphysics is described as the science of things transcending what is physical or natural. 

In a nutshell, any negative thoughts or emotions we have will manifest themselves in physical ailments. 

Stress, for example, has a tremendous impact on our stomachs. This proves a direct mind-body connection. 

Ayahuasca has a tremendous healing element to the body and it purges out all kinds of toxins and heavy metals from the food, water and air we consume. This frees our bodies’ natural immune system to heal parts of our body. 

After ayahuasca, most participants feel physically healthier.

Reaching for the Divine

Our spirit, our connection with the source of all creation, is perfect in every way. It can, however, withstand various maladies over time. 

Think of it like this: when an infant gets a cold, that doesn’t make the infant any less perfect, it just has a cold. It is the same with our spirit. 

Spiritual maladies latch on through the pressures and path of our lives. 

The absence of love is at the root of all of it. Where we are not living in love, the absence of light produces shadows. 

These shadows are necessary to our existence, but when we leave them in the dark, they can fester and cause all sorts of challenges. 

This displays self doubt, critical self talk, poor behavior patterns, trauma responses and various uncomfortable issues. 

Connecting to the source directly and understanding that we are pure love, conceived in love and are perfect in every way, helps to shake off these maladies that have latched on. 

Ayahuasca removes the self imposed blocks we have between our soul and the divine. 

Ayahuasca is a powerful medicine for the mind, body and soul. Those who seek it, and choose to be brave in the face of fear almost always have a life changing experience.  

Ayahuasca should be taken very seriously. 

Safe journeys, and see you on the other side!

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