The Cannabis LSD Strain: Effects, History, and Grow Details

The cannabis LSD strain is celebrated for a reason.
The cannabis LSD strain is celebrated for a reason. /

There are definitely people out there who believe there is a relationship between the LSD strain of cannabis, and LSD, the psychedelic drug. 

While this weed cultivar may be named after the mind-altering, world-opening drug, rest assured, they are sourced from different plants, and the effects are nothing alike. 

That said, let’s talk about LSD, the cannabis strain.

What is the cannabis LSD strain?

LSD is an indica-dominant hybrid of Mazar-I-Sharif and Skunk #1 lineage. It was bred by Barney’s Farm out of Amsterdam, who is also famous for creating the legendary G13 Haze, Liberty Haze, Amnesia Haze, Willie Nelson, Cookies Kush, Pineapple Chunk, Tangerine Dream, Dr. Grinspoon, and Critical Kush.

The LSD strain is known for having cerebral, euphoric effects that people sometimes refer to as a psychedelic buzz. If you’re new to cannabis, hearing that may put some fear in your heart. It shouldn’t. 

Though cannabis is sometimes described as psychedelic, what people really mean is that the effects come forth with an intense head high that could have you super stoned or in a somewhat cloudy daze, depending on the dose. LSD, the cannabis strain, is not a hallucinogen. 

The Bluntness actually has a free e-book on the many different cognitive effects of cannabis if you’re interested.

Because of its unique effects, LSD is an award-winning cannabis strain, bringing home the 3rd place trophy for Indicas at the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup.

How to grow LSD

LSD is an indica that grows well both indoors and outdoors. It has a flowering period of 7-10 weeks, depending upon various growth factors. 

Apparently it is mold and disease-resistant, which means it takes a bit less management than other more volatile strains. Because of this, growing LSD at home is an excellent decision for people of all levels of growing experience. There are plenty of websites with tips on it too, including Leafly, Way of Leaf, and I Love Growing Marijuana.

LSD is a high yielding plant, meaning it produces a lot of weed per harvest. On average, you can expect about 21 ounces per square meter indoors. If you want to grow LSD at home, you can purchase seeds from plenty of reputable seed banks like ILGM or Seedsman.

You can also purchase the original LSD from Barney’s Farm directly from the breeders as feminized seeds, which are pretty much guaranteed to produce flowering plants. 

If you don’t want to grow your own, the LSD strain can be found as flower or oil at multiple places. Use Leafly and Weedmaps to locate where.

How does the LSD strain smell and taste

LSD’s terpenes are just as enticing as its effects. However, it’s worth noting that LSD can smell, taste, and feel a variety of ways depending on who’s growing it.

On average, LSD has an aroma resembling earthy, sweet, and skunky scents. On the taste, the flavor comes through with slight sweet notes, but for the most part, you’re getting those earthy skunky flavors. It truly tastes like some good weed from the ‘90s.

According to Marijuana Grow, a seed bank, the top three dominant terpenes of the LSD strain are myrcene, terpinolene, and pinene.

What do LSD effects feel like 

LSD has a middle of the road THC percentage. According to Leafly, the strain’s average THC is 16 percent. According to Wikileaf, the strain’s average THC percentage is 24 percent. Way of Leaf claims that 24 percent is the ceiling for LSD cannabis strain, and anything over, is most likely false.

As a side note, if you are one of the many people who do go by THC levels as a shopping factor, be sure to peep The Bluntness’s article on this potential pitfall for cannabis lovers: "Is High-THC Weed More Potent? What the Numbers Really Mean."

The effects of smoking LSD are the reason it is so popular. It smacks, fam. It gets you incredibly high, and the experience is like when you have a good smoke after a long day and suddenly everything is all right. It’s very chill, very relaxing, yet still extremely euphoric without being sedative. The buzz wraps around your head and all in all, if you’re a novice, this strain is not the one to play with. 

The first time I personally smoked LSD was as dabs with a friend who works for Washington State’s Xtracted, a popular processor out there known for their Loud Resin and Loud Rosin dabs and cartridges. The taste came through as super sweet and the effects had me smiling and feeling happy for hours.

Is LSD a body high or head high?

According to reviews on popular strains database Leafly, it is both. Of the 793 Leafly reviewers of the strain, 63 percent of people report feeling euphoric; 59 percent of people report feeling happy; 51 percent of people report feeling uplifted.

One reviewer, C........v, who described the strain as euphoric, uplifting, and sleepy, said “The smoke tasted much like smoking hash under-the-glass, or a big bowl of kief. It has a powerful throat hit and if not taken lightly will leave you coughing up a lung. But after about 3 good inhales and 2 minutes later you will be in a different world. The high is very interesting, like the smell unlike anything I have ever had, it hits you as a strong cerebral sativa would but about 15 minutes later will have you looking for the nearest couch. Extremely potent strain. Do not pass this strain up the next time you see it at your dispensary!”

Another review, G........e, who described the strain as euphoric, giggly, happy, and talkative, simply stated that “LSD, Strong, long lasting, 100 percent positive effects. Dry mouth just like most strains. If you're complaining you don't deserve it.”

These reviews have helped hundreds of people, however, to truly know how the LSD cannabis strain will hit your head and body, you’ll have to consume and review it for yourself. 

Each human has a different endocannabinoid system, and trial and error is the best way to understand which types of weed products work for you and which types don’t.

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